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Buying weed online has never been easier with Haute Health. Canada’s most popular weed dispensary, Haute Health has the most selection of cannabis of any online marijuana dispensary. We have a wide selection of weed from THC and CBD edibles, flower, live resin, hash and so much more. Each one of our products is hand crafted and locally sourced to provide the best quality cannabis in Canada, making us one of the most trusted marijuana dispensaries in Canada. When you buy weed online in Canada you want to make sure you are getting the premium quality cannabis possible, each one of our products is of the highest quality with the lowest prices. We have variety of products from $2-$9 flower, $15 a gram concentrates, wholesale options and much much more. Rated Canada’s best weed dispensary, HauteHealth.co can meet all your marijuana dispensary needs.

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Haute Health is Canada’s number one online dispensary in Canada, offering the best prices on all your cannabis needs. When you buy weed online, we provide the highest quality cannabis available in Canada, that is why Haute Health is the top online dispensary in Canada. Buying weed online has never been easier with us, each one of Haute’s products are some of the top products of any Canadian weed dispensary. Haute Health marijuana dispensary is packed with products from edibles to high end concentrates, buying weed online it has never been easier than it is with Haute Health. As a leading Canadian online dispensary, we provide top quality product, with the unbeatable prices. Not sure where to start? Haute has a variety of helpful articles that can help you make all the right decisions when it comes to finding the best cannabis online. When you buy weed online in Canada, HauteHealth.co is who you can trust to deliver the highest quality products out of any Canadians weed dispensary.

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Can You Eat Raw Cannabis?

Can You Eat Raw Cannabis?

Have you ever noticed farm animals or wildlife eating cannabis before? If you have, your first thought is probably "Oh crap! My plants!"... But once you've checked your fencing and re-secured your cannabis, the next question you undoubtedly ask yourself is  "I wonder...

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Best Fruity Weed Strains

Best Fruity Weed Strains

Cannabis is always associated with one particular scent, skunk. Whether you are a newbie to smoking weed or just a passer byer, weed smell is always linked to that of the sour aroma spraying creature. For those however who are more accustom to smoking cannabis, there...

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Cannabis Culture Around the World

Cannabis Culture Around the World

If you’ve ever worn a hemp-fiber, Rastafarian shirt while toking from a huge blunt as you and some friends are jamming out to Snoop Dogg’s latest album, then you’re well-versed in what constitutes “cannabis culture”.  The culture of cannabis has been a long-standing...

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"The supply of government weed has been pretty lackluster. My buddy found Haute and we bought a bunch of random products to test them out. The shatter, the bud and the gummies were stellar. They had a long lasting high, tasted good and their prices are way better than the government stores. Get your hands on some gummy worms pronto!" -- Devon, Mississauga ON
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