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For people all over the world a daily struggle with an ongoing mental illness issue is a regular part of their routine and a focal point of their desire for seeking medical treatment or attention. Sadly many of the modern treatments available to those suffering from issues like depression, low self worth, anxiety, stress and a host of other mental disorders can often cause unwanted or even harmful side effects that some will experience as being just as problematic for them if not more so than the underlying issue that they sought treatment for in the first place.

For those among us who have tried conventional treatments and medications and found difficulty rather than comfort and relief there is still hope! Many people have discovered that using cannabis as an alternative treatment method for their mental health issues allows them to reclaim their sense of self and enjoy a feeling of control over their negative symptoms while minimizing the possibility of harmful side effects.

Best Cannabis strains for mental health

But what are the best marijuana strains for mental health and are some strains better suited to treating certain conditions over others? Is there an ideal marijuana strain for anxiety? Lots more research is required for there to be definitive scientific answers to these questions however people have been self medicating with marijuana for thousands of years for all sorts of reasons from pain relief, treatment for severe medical conditions like cancer and of course treatment for mental disorders! Although scientific research still needs to catch up there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence from users who have had great success using cannabis to alleviate their symptoms.

But what are the best options for someone hoping to use marijuana strains for mental health and are there any adverse side effects or risks to be concerned about? Let’s look at some of the best options and the conditions that they are most effective in combating.

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Best Strain For Bipolar Disorder

Once classified as manic depression bipolar disorder is a condition known for extreme and sudden mood swings. People who struggle with this disorder find themselves bouncing constantly between the two extremes of deep depression and manic highs meaning that they can often seem extremely lethargic or wildly energetic depending on the mood you catch them in. The abrupt shifts in mood can be quite jarring not only for the person with the issue but also for the friends and loved ones who are around them.

This condition has a profound effect on the day to day life of the people who struggle with it and sadly there is no known cure. Therapies and medications are available to help manage and alleviate symptoms and manage episodes of extreme behavior but often the side effects of traditional treatments can cause more issues for the user than they are worth.

Although more research is needed some very promising studies have been done to suggest that the use of marijuana can be an effective medical treatment which doesn’t trigger as many adverse reactions in quite so many of the people who attempt to use it. Weed and mood swings can also be interrelated however so it is important to be aware of your tolerances and dose yourself appropriately!

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid containing 17-24% THC and trace amounts of CBD. This cross of blueberry indica and super silver haze was introduced as a strictly medicinal strain used as a mood elevator. Though this strain is very potent most who use it, even recreationally, don’t do so with the intention of getting blasted off to another dimension. Rather the soothing full body relaxation this strain provides is ideal for kicking back and leaving all your cares behind you. Perfectly suited as a pick-me-up strain for anyone in the depths of a bipolar low.

Headband is another great option for bipolar sufferers as it features a heavy and calming effect that is sure to put your troubles and anxieties in the rearview mirror in seconds flat. With a THC content of up to 27% even the weaker versions of this strain feature no less than 20% so be aware that this is a potent medicine capable of knocking you flat if you use too much in one go. If you find yourself in the midst of a high flying manic episode headband and its noted brain fog effect will help ground you back to earth and have you focused and calm again in no time making it one of the best strains for bipolar disorder on the market today.

Best Strain For Bipolar Disorder

Best Strain For OCD

Charlotte’s Web is a world famous CBD dominant strain named for Charlotte Figi who was a very young girl who found relief from her condition which caused her to have several hundred seizures a week. Typically only available from a medicinal supplier this strain is often prescribed to people suffering from seizures or extreme anxiety. With almost no THC content to speak of (the creators of the strain boast it has a 0.3% THC content or lower) this little bud won’t provide any of the psychoactive effects typically associated with cannabis use instead providing purely medicinal benefits like relief from pain and stress. Users suffering from symptoms of OCD will find soothing relief from their overwhelming concerns when they use this strain without any of the debilitating effects that can leave you unable to function throughout the day making it among the best strains for OCD available today.

Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely popular recreational strain which can be found nearly anywhere your favourite cannabis products are sold. Named for the amazingly sweet taste which brings to mind freshly baked cookies a little bit of this potent strain goes a long way. An especially beneficial option for anyone struggling with stress, anxiety or loss of appetite, the effects of Girl Scout Cookies are also notable for treating OCD symptoms like anxiety, sleep and insomnia and easing the stress of social engagements.

Best Strain For OCD

Best Strains For Anger

As previously illustrated in the section on bipolar disorder weed and mood swings management are well suited to one another as the calming, soothing and anxiety reducing effects of many strains of cannabis can have a positive influence over one’s ability to manage and control sudden changes in mood. If you find yourself struggling with anger issues or an inability to manage and monitor your own temper than cannabis may be able to help you find a center of calm to work from which will leave you better equipped to deal with sudden unexpected stressful situations or circumstances you may find yourself in from day to day.

Frank’s Gift is a sativa dominant hybrid bud that is known for having extremely high CBD content averaging at around 20% with a much lower THC content situated between 1 – 5%. This high CBD to THC ratio means you can utilize this strain at almost any point of your daily routine to take advantage of its soothing properties while not sacrificing the mental acuity needed to take on even the most overwhelming tasks. Relaxation and a full and satisfying sense of happiness and wellbeing are the trademarks of this medicinal smoke which is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety and keeping you in a glowing, upbeat mood throughout your entire day!

Sour Tsunami – NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel were bred together to birth this wonderful and relaxing sativa heavy strain and it was one of the first cannabis strains ever to be used in a medicinal setting. Originally intended as a means of relieving intense back pain without traditional medications, Sour Tsunami offers a higher than average CBD content at an average of 10% with THC content clocking in somewhere between 1 – 10%. An ideal daytime strain for medicinal use without the groggy, hazy or sleepy effects of some of the more potent options available, Sour Tsunami will help you to maintain a level and calm state of mind without rendering you unable to concentrate or focus on important tasks making it one of the best strains for anger management on offer.

Best Strains For Anger

Best Strains For Schizophrenia

ACDC is another strain with a healthy serving of CBD. This sativa dominant strain was one of the first high CBD focused strains on the marketplace and still stands apart from the crowd to this day as an excellent choice for daytime medicinal use when you need to medicate but can’t be under the influence of THC. The extremely low THC content which averages at around 1% carries very little risk of getting the user high while still providing the calming and pain relieving effects CBD is known for. Used for treating anxiety, seizures and pain many people living with schizophrenia have also reported that using ACDC can help them to manage their mental states and moods and maintain a sense of calm from morning until night.

Ringo’s Gift is a 60% sativa dominant strain most commonly found to have a 50:50 ratio of CBD and THC content meaning that you will enjoy both the medicinal effects of the CBD as well as the psychoactive effects of the THC when you utilize this strain. Other phenotype variations of the strain are available with a stronger focus on CBD over THC but if you prefer to have a cerebral and body buzz with your medication the original phenotype will be just what the doctor ordered. No matter which variation you prefer Ringo’s Gift is among the best strains for schizophrenia you can find. Use this strain to manage stress, maintain calm, reduce pain and lessen anxiety while still enjoying a good buzz, a great choice for the end of the day or to help you find the rest you need!

Best Strain For Depression

Best Strain For Depression

Jack Herer is a much loved strain named for a beloved Canadian cannabis activist and it features a delightfully uplifting high known to elevate mood and keep a smile on your face throughout the day. Feelings of satisfaction, calm and a wealth of creativity are the primary features of the high this therapeutic strain can provide. By far the most well known and popular choice of strain for people struggling with symptoms of chronic depression this sativa strain has been celebrated the world over by people who need a regular pick me up to get through the day unscathed. When used in low doses Jack Herer will promote a sense of wellbeing and euphoria that will carry you through the day with a smile on your face and a light bounce in your step.

Pineapple Express may be the first strain to earn household name status after being celebrated by a big budget Hollywood Seth Rogan comedy some years ago. Years before its big screen debut this strain was loved far and wide as a euphoric relaxant and mood stabilizer with a potent and energetic kick that fosters creativity, conversation and extremely good vibes. A go to strain for anyone struggling with a dark mood or difficult emotional period Pineapple Express brings a satisfying and euphoric calm into the lives of anyone who uses it and is sure to elevate your mood into the stratosphere! Hands down the best strain for depression for anyone comfortable with their tolerance level and a history of previously using cannabis.

A Wealth Of Options

These are just a handful of the possible strains for managing a variety of mental health concerns that many people struggle with in their daily lives. As more and more research is done into the potential of THC and CBD based cannabis treatments for these conditions and more and more people come forward with stories of their successes the word is growing and taking hold of the conversation around the world. As more and more people turn to cannabis as a natural alternative to traditional medicines we will continue to discover more interesting and incredible benefits

If you struggle with any of these issues or a host of others known to be treated by taking cannabis why not try it for yourself today? At Haute Health we have a fantastic selection of strains, pre-rolled joints, CBD topicals, CBD distillate, cannabis wax or even cannabis vape products. Give one of these strains a try today and see for yourself how cannabis can help you regain control over your mental state and your day to day life!