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Those who suffer from fibromyalgia know how devastating it can be, it can make the most mundane tasks like cooking or doing laundry extremely difficult and exhausting. Living with fibromyalgia can be extremely painful, cause high levels of stress, bring on uncontrollable fatigue, disrupt cognitive ability and result in poor sleep quality. Most who suffer from fibromyalgia use a variety of different mixtures of medications to manage the pain, but fibromyalgia has no cure. Many though do not react well to the medications and the various side effects that come with it, this leaves many constantly looking for alternatives to help with their condition. This is where cannabis for fibromyalgia comes into the equation, the properties contained in cannabis are known to deal with a variety of ailments that comes with fibromyalgia. With pharmaceutical medications not meeting the needs of many fibromyalgia patients, marijuana has become a more commonly used treatment for fibromyalgia pain.

Can Weed help Treat  Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that causes pain throughout the body and a heightened response to pressure, other symptoms include extreme fatigue, sleeping problems and trouble with memory. Fibromyalgia is also linked to mental illness problems such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. It is estimated that 2-8 percent of the worlds popular suffer from Fibromyalgia, with women twice as affected by men.

Medical science still is unsure on the cause of fibromyalgia, however they believe it is a mixture of genetics and environmental factors. For many, it runs in their family with specific genes being involved, environmental factors such as psychological stress, trauma and possible infections. The pain comes directly from the central nervous system and there are no specific tests to confirm fibromyalgia.

The treatment for fibromyalgia pain has proven difficult, with many doctors recommending things such as getting enough sleep, regular exercise, healthy eating and forms of therapy such a cognitive behavioural therapy. Medication use is also proven to be difficult, with many who are prescribed medications such as opioids to be rendered useless by patients.

Cannabis helps with a variety of health issues and can be an idea substitute for anyone looking to ditch the medication and try a more holistic approach. We have a few articles that we believe will help you understand the world of cannabis and health and why millions of Canadians use cannabis to improve their quality of life. 

Cannabis for Fibromyalgia 

Cannabis for Fibromyalgia

Weed for fibromyalgia is a primary option when helping those deal with various ailments of pain and inflammation, from cancer patients to those suffering from MS, cannabis is commonly prescribed to help manage several severely painful symptoms associated with many illnesses. This is no different when using cannabis to help with the treatment of fibromyalgia pain. Breaking the pain cycle is a important factor to consider when treating patients with fibromyalgia, pain can begin to creep its way into the body which then is followed by fatigue, non-restorative sleep or stiffness creating a list of worsening symptoms as body reacts to this painful disease. As one symptom worsens, another pops up and becomes just as severe, making it an all out losing battle for patients. This is where the idea of breaking the cycle comes into play, by improving just one symptom it can have a domino effect and begin to improve other symptoms. This is why its vital for those suffering from fibromyalgia to include exercise, good diet, psychotherapy along with pharmacological treatment to help mange their symptoms as a whole. But with the use of pharmacological medications as a treatment option many who suffer from fibromyalgia claim that most are ineffective and carry a lot of negative side-effects. This is why many are turning to cannabis to help break the cycle and utilize cannabis’s multi tool usage. Cannabis for fibromyalgia has shown many promising signs helping those with pain relief, but it also has a lot more to offer outside of targeting pain. Cannabis can also help those suffering from sleep disorders, using cannabis to get a better sleep can cause a trickle down effect resulting in a large reduction of pain and also increase both mood and coping mechanisms when dealing with fibromyalgia. Cannabis for fibromyalgia also has the ability to reduce inflammation and muscle stiffness, which in turn reduces such things a myofascial pain and tension headaches. Fibromyalgia and marijuana can also reduce anxiety which is a common occurrence in those with fibromyalgia which in turn can lead to less impact on the bowls and the reduction of chances of irritable bowl syndrome. Having the ability to manage just one symptom can have great effects on helping bring down the severity of many of the other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Let’s dive deeper into the effective measures cannabis can have towards the treatment for fibromyalgia pain and its other ailments. 

Reduction of Pain

Pain is often the most common ailment individuals suffer from when dealing with fibromyalgia and as we mentioned above it can bring forth a long list of other symptoms that make living with fibromyalgia a lot worse. When looking at the research there have been suggestions that those who suffer from fibromyalgia could potentially have a dysfunction to their endocannabinoid system. There has been a long history between cannabis use and endocannabinoid system and how cannabis is a great aid in boosting the endocannabinoid system when it isn’t functioning at its highest. Cannabis has been used for centuries as a pain reliever and it is no different for the treatment for fibromyalgia pain, if your looking to read more about cannabis and it’s pain relieve power try our How Medical Marijuana Helps with Pain article. 

In a review conducted by Dr. Ethan B. Russo for Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research  he theorized that fibromyalgia could be related to Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. Our endocannabinoid system is best described as the communications network that delivers messages between our brain, organs, connective tissues, glands and immune cells. Our endocannabinoid system’s main goal is homeostasis, helping the body create and maintain balanced inner workings. When the endocannabinoid system becomes abnormal or doesn’t function as it is supposed to, we begin to experience certain health issues. This can cause a variety of ailments such as sleep issues, mood imbalance, gastrointestinal health, muscle spasticity and much more. These symptoms that come with an out of whack endocannabinoid system are also similar to those symptoms experienced by individuals with fibromyalgia. In his review Dr. Russo wrote “If endocannabinoid function were decreased, it follows that a lowered pain threshold would be operative, along with derangements of digestion, mood, and sleep among the almost universal physiological systems subserved by the endocannabinoid system.” This ultimately doesn’t mean that restoring the endocannabinoid system will cure fibromyalgia but it does indicate that using cannabis to help boost the endocannabinoid system could reduce pain associated with the disease, further linking fibromyaglia and marijuana. 

Another study conducted recently in 2019 in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology was the first long term study on the use of cannabis for patients suffering from fibromyalgia. The study followed 367 patients, mostly middle aged women who consumed cannabis for 6 months. Each patient was given the option of 14 different cannabis strains, with both options of THC and CBD rich strains. The researchers conducted several questionnaires over the 6 months, along with asking patients to rate symptoms and report side effects. The results once the study was concluded proved incredibly positive:

  • Overall treatment success was achieved in 81% of patients (the proportion of patients reporting at least moderate overall improvement in their condition).
  • Overall pain intensity reduced from a median of 9/10 to 5/10.
  • Around 20% of patients taking opioids or benzodiazepine were able to stop or reduce thanks to medical cannabis.


Cannabis for Headaches and Migraines

Research has shown that cannabis for fibromyaglia can help with the treatment of headaches and migraines, which is a common inconvenience for those dealing with fibromyalgia. On top of providing relief from headaches and migraines cannabis also induces a sense of calm during these painful moments and helps reduce nausea and vomiting as well. For a more in-depth look at how cannabis can help manage midranges and headaches head over to our. We have an in depth article on Marijuana for Migraines and how this powerful plant can help relieve various headache symptoms. 

Cannabis for Emotions

Cannabis has proven time and again that it is a great relief for those suffering from emotional strain and improving mental health, it’s why we put together a detailed list of the Best Strains for Anxiety. Weed for fibromyalgia has various anxiolytic properties which are also found in almost every anti-depressant medication on the market, making it a healthier and more natural option for dealing with mental health issues. Paired with things such as meditation, exercise and cognitive behaviour therapy can produce a more positive mindset and exacerbate the experience of pain.

Cannabis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A common issues for many who suffer from fibromyalgia is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. With IBS comes abdominal pain and irregular bowel movements like nausea and constipation. Medications are available for these symptoms but aren’t the most reliable and can have a variety of side-effects. Weed for fibromyalgia has shown with multiple studies that due to the fact that CB2 receptors are located in the GI tract that it can contribute to managing IBS symptoms. Our CB2 receptor have a direct correlation between the body’s natural cannabinoids, when there is an imbalance of those cannabinoids in the body, consuming CBD helps restore that balance further helping with fibromyalgia pain relief. CBD also is a great option when dealing with anti inflammation issues, this is particularly helpful for those who experience regular abdominal pain due to fibromyalgia. Medical marijuana for fibromyalgia is an effective measure for the treatment of fibromyalgia pain, head over to our What is Medical Marijuana Used For article to read further about the great benefits medical marijuana has to offer.  

Cannabis and Sleep

When those who suffer from fibromyalgia do not get enough sleep it has a trickle down effect that can bring on a long list of other symptoms. It can directly effect things such as pain management, cognitive dysfunction known as fibro-fog as well as emotional instability. Sleep is a primary source for those who have fibromyalgia as it is vital for keeping symptoms at bay. This is why we’ve sampled strains from all over the world to narrow down the Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep and Insomnia, these strains are a great resource in the treatment for fibromyalgia pain. Research has shown that cannabis is an effective tool for falling asleep and staying asleep. High cannabinoid levels help promote sleep, helping quiet the brain and allowing for an easier transition into the REM cycle. Things such as cannabis oil and edibles can be highly sedative and promote a restful sleep due to their long lasting effects. CBD has also shown to help with sleep but by keeping you awake during the day, leading to a more restful nights sleep.

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