Haute Raffle


Every week we make one lucky customer real happy!

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Simply make a purchase and you’re automatically entered.  Yes, it’s that easy.

Haute Health Weekly Raffle Rules

  • The Haute Health raffle runs each week starting every Friday and running until the following Thursday.
  • Every Friday a new winner is announced and the raffle begins anew!
  • Every purchase made through the Haute Health online shop will be awarded one FREE raffle ticket good for entry into THAT WEEKS giant raffle prize draw.
  • If you make and complete a purchase between Friday – Thursday in a given week you earn one FREE entry into that upcoming Friday’s draw!
  • This means if you make a purchase on a Friday you will still be entered into the draw for the next upcoming Friday!
  • All purchases made over the weekend count towards the next upcoming Friday draw too.

Check this page and our instagram @healthhaute for announcements about prizes and contest winners every week!

That’s it! It’s as simple as that.

All you need to do is make a purchase of any kind on our online shop and you’ll have a chance at a weekly prize of an estimated value of up to $2000 in top quality Haute Health cannabis products!

The Prize Pack


Past Winning Numbers

  • Nov06_89745062538752
  • Nov13_35875085717079
  • Nov20_34925088172580
  • Nov27_65235120534231
  • Dec04_69525151517087
  • Dec11_75705160548911
  • Dec18_15845189299091
  • Dec25_84275211441604
  • Jan01_89235223371314
  • Jan08_66915248822663
  • Jan15_58915270943374
  • Jan22_16905295001789
  • Jan29_83025305181715
  • Feb05_40055328937142
  • Feb12_51925348909743
  • Feb19_85335375009769
  • Feb26_87685394506250
  • Mar05_13955417795786
  • Mar12_91325443641289
  • Mar19_30755463428641
  • Mar26_84075488974435
  • Apr02_45115512174899
  • Apr09_15285547928246
  • Apr16_67655559466753
  • Apr23_76635591144636
  • Apr30_25745614817783
  • May07_41305628387979
  • May14_84505667804994
  • May21_44945680619997
  • May28_88585695901839
  • Jun04_93645721686376
  • Jun11_91005743904232
  • Jun18_88185772504123
  • Jun25_70825799927275
  • Jul02_76765818037883
  • Jul09_20435829772756
  • Jul16_50555848921123
  • Jul23_83465878105649
  • Jul30_18515895654456
  • Aug06_20615900093737
  • Aug13_79875925504073
  • Aug20_51285944172200
  • Aug27_40645961127878
  • Sep03_36425984175459
  • Sep10_23735995189438
  • Sep17_60826021086299