Earn up to $50 credit each week by posting scavenger hunt tasks to your Instagram account!

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1. Log into your Haute Health account and add your Instagram account to your profile using the form below.


Please login first then you will be able to add your Instagram handle here.

2. When you post a photo or video to Instagram to complete a task use the hashtag #hautehunt


Note that any content submitted to the #hautehunt tag may be reposted or reused by us in promotional material and you authorize us to do so by participating in the scavenger hunt! 


3. If you have a private account be sure to send us a message to notify us that you’d like to take part – we can’t credit you if we can’t see your posts!


4. Points are added to your account on Monday each week. 50 points is the maximum you can earn in each week.

Monday September 20th – Sunday September 26th

Scavenger Hunt Tasks of the Week:

  • $5 Credit – Post a picture of something coloured purple.
  • $5 Credit – Post a picture of a pretty sunset or sunrise.
  • $5 Credit – Post a picture of yourself outside.
  • $5 Credit – Post a picture of something that brings you luck.
  • $10 Credit – Post a photo of your HH stickers, magnets or other swag.
  • $5 Bonus Credit whenever you tag a friend who doesn’t already follow us when you post!


You can earn a maximum of up to $50 in credit each week by completing any combination of these tasks on your Instagram. Tasks will be updated and points awarded every Monday.


Be sure to tag us @healthhaute when you share your posts and use the hashtag #hautehunt


Have fun and hunt on!