How Seniors Can Benefit From Medical Marijuana

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For decades cannabis has been portrayed as an illicit drug, a drug that gets people high, hinders their futures, creates burnouts and leads to further drug use. This is especially true with the older generations, they were lead to believe by the government and media that smoking cannabis could have serious repercussions on their health and that it was only for hippies and drug addicts. This obviously is not the case, with both time and research the truth about marijuana has finally seen the light. What is known as the generation of misinformation, the days of using false facts as a piece of propaganda by those who don’t believe in the medical benefits of cannabis is now over. Over time came new products and methods to consume cannabis, allowing for the medical benefits to be more easily accessed by anyone. From vaping to edibles to taking CBD, cannabis has gone through a state of revolution since the days of your grandparents, leading many seniors to see the light at the end of the joint. It’s not just about smoking a joint anymore, seniors can now consume cannabis in multiple different forms that target specific ailments with accurate and proper dosage. Here we’ll take a look at how cannabis for seniors can be beneficial and why medical marijuana for the elderly is already taking off.

How Seniors can Benefit from Medical Marijuana

Canada’s Fastest Growing Group of Cannabis Users

Canada’s Fastest Growing Group of Cannabis Users

Since the introduction of cannabis legalization in October, 2018 Canadian senior citizens have become the leading age group for cannabis consumption, according to Statistics Canada. Cannabis is commonly associated with a much younger demographic, but those aged 65+ have become the fastest growing group of cannabis users in Canada.

According to the national statistics agency “While 10 per cent of cannabis consumers aged 25 to 44 were new users in the second and third quarters of 2019, this was the case for more than one-quarter (27 per cent) of cannabis consumers aged 65 and older,”

Medical marijuana for the elderly has steeply risen since 2012, with 10 times as many seniors using cannabis today then they did 8 years ago. According to Statistics Canada, only 1 percent of seniors in Canada around 40,000 were using marijuana in 2012, fast-forward to 2020 and over 400,000 are now using marijuana in some sort of recreational form. Of these 400,000 users around half are using it for medical purposes, 24 percent are using it for recreational use and another 24 percent are using it for both medical and recreational.

It is clear that medical marijuana for the elderly is becoming a very popular option and that cannabis for seniors is showing great signs in improving health and quality of life.

How Seniors Can Benefit from Using Marijuana

How Seniors Can Benefit from Using Marijuana

Cannabis VS Medications

As we get older our bodies begin to become a little worse for wear, it’s not uncommon for seniors to fall ill and need constant medical assistance. During these times prescription medications are regularly used to help with things such a pain, inflammation, nausea, insomnia and so much more. However with these medications comes the risk of some pretty severe side effects, a perfect example is cancer patients who need relief from their treatments, from the effects either their cancer or the side effects of chemotherapy.This is where cannabis for seniors comes into play, the main cannabinoid compound is THC which is what causes the “high” feeling you get when you consume cannabis, it also has medicinal benefits when it interacts with the endocannabinoid system and receptors in our body.

THC can help with the side effects of cancer and its treatments, it has been researched and proven that THC can help with nausea, decreasing the pain in patients and helping them acquire their appetite. When cancer patients use cannabis instead of prescription drugs for these issues it is much more of a natural approach and has little to no side effects compared to the harsh pharmaceutical medications patients are typically prescribed. Cannabis is also safer then commonly prescribed medications that seniors take on a daily basis, cannabis has never had a recorded death due to overdose and only carries minimal side effects like dry mouth, short term memory loss and increased blood pressure. Cannabis also contains specific antioxidants that can provide powerful relief for a number of different illnesses that seniors commonly experience such as liver inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus and other inflammation related conditions that involve inflammation damage. Looking to learn more about Medical Marijuana?

Cannabis Is Not Addictive

With many seniors and cannabis it isn’t uncommon for them to believe that cannabis is a highly addictive drug, this is due to decades of misinformation. As we are all aware now, cannabis isn’t a highly addictive drug, with “drugs” like coffee being more harmful and addictive then cannabis. If you compare cannabis addiction to both tobacco use and alcohol, cannabis is the safest of all three and has far less withdrawal symptoms. This is especially true when you compare how addictive opiod drugs are compared to cannabis. Many seniors are prescribed opioid drugs to help manage the pain of many different ailments. Opioids are known to cause severe damage on essential organs and worse of all can become very addictive and result in drug abuse. Seniors and cannabis are extremely safe in comparison, requiring 1,500 pounds to be smoked in 15 minutes for a possible overdoes to occur. Cannabis is an excellent option when dealing with pain, head over to our How Medical Marijuana Helps with Pain article to get a more in-depth look on how cannabis interacts with pain and the body. Seniors and cannabis are a match made in heaven, the benefits it can have on their health and quality of life are amazing.

Different strains do different things

With cannabis there are hundreds of different strains that offers its own benefits and effects on the human body. Some strains are intended for chronic pain, energy, sleep and appetite stimulation. Compared to back in the day when cannabis was far more simple and the amount of strains was limited to a few choices, there was no scientific research done of the health benefits certain strains can offer. Today governments sell specific strains to help with certain ailments making cannabis an even more powerful tool for helping with medical issues. Anxiety and stress are a common issues among all ages, that’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the Best Strains for Anxiety to help you find the best strain to help with your stress and anxiety. Want a strain with an abundence of taste? Read through our Best Fruity Weed Strains article to find that tasty strain you;ve been looking for.

CBD is the new THC

Many believe that when the term cannabis or marijuana is used, it refers to the feeling of getting high. This might have been the case years ago, but as many of us know with the development of science and advances the extraction process the cannabis plant has been tapped into to find a plethora medical benefits. CBD is of course the second more dominant cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, it offers relief from many ailments with one main caveat it doesn’t get you high. CBD has shown that it can help with things such as stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, stimulates bone growth, suppresses muscular spasms and increases mental focus. It has become a great tool for those not interested in getting high but want to experience the relief cannabis has to offer. Another great option for CBD use for the elderly is that it is mostly sold in tincture or edible form, eliminating the option of having to smoke it and allowing for precise dosage. Arthritis is a common ailment as we age and CBD is a great option when dealing with the pain that comes with arthritis, head over to our How to Use CBD Oil for Arthritis article to learn more.What are Cannabis Terpenes, they are a powerful cannabinoid that can bring out a lot of medical benefits when using cannabis.

You no longer have to smoke marijuana

Many seniors believe that the only way you can achieve the medical benefits of cannabis is by smoking it. That may well have been the case back in the day but it is far from the truth in today’s world. With the advancement of extraction methods, cannabis now comes in various forms such as oil tinctures, capsules and edibles which all offer precise dosage without the need to smoke. Our article 6 Health Benefits of Using Cannabis Oil is a great tool for those not looking to smoke cannabis and exploring alternative options. You may also like our Cannabis Edibles: Finding Your Treat of Choice article, it will tell you everything you need to know about consuming cannabis edibles.

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