How to Make Cannabis Capsules

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Cannabis capsules offer an easy and discrete smoke free solution to enjoying cannabis no matter what situation you may find yourself in. If you need to be able to medicate in places where smoking openly or using a vaporizer would draw unwanted attention or cause your coworkers or family concern then you might want to consider using cannabis in capsule form. But how do you make your own capsules when you have enough cannabis available to you to do so?

Learning how to make cannabis pills is a fun and simple process but there are a few important and unskippable steps you must be certain to follow unless you want to end up with unusable mash or sticky paste that’s difficult to get into empty capsules. Also following the simplest method might not always be the best method as the easiest way of how to make cannabis capsules – simply making a paste from finely ground cannabis and vegetable oil – will produce a relatively low potency product when compared the the more complex methods of production a supplier like Haute Health uses to make their simple to use canna capsules.

How to Make Cannabis Capsules

What Are Canna Capsules?

When you think about cannabis use you would be forgiven for picturing a bong, pipe or pre-rolled joint. Most often when people discuss or enjoy cannabis they are referring to utilizing it in one of these very common methods which have come to be associated with a segment of the cannabis subculture some people find unsavory or uninteresting.

Although these are the most common methods for enjoying the cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant flower they are far from the only methods and are certainly not the most sophisticated or discrete. Vaping technology has certainly come a long way in the recent years and there is a lot to be celebrated there for cannabis users that prefer discretion and convenience to traditional smoking methods but there are still situations where even a vape would be a disruptive or inappropriate device to use.

If you find yourself in this circumstance often but still require medication, investing in or creating some cannabis capsules at home could be just the ticket for you. Not only are they discrete but they can also save you money, time, effort and mess in the long term. For a certain personality type switching to capsules can be an extremely liberating and cost effective solution to long term and routine cannabis use in absolutely any social circumstance.

Capsules can be purchased and created in a wide array of potencies giving the user total control over their dosages and intake for the day. There are methods you can use – and even a few cool apps! – to track your smoking and cannabis use but nothing could be simpler than converting your cannabis to a pill form and only having to keep track of your dosages like any other medicine you might take. As an added bonus there is less mess, no ash, no smell and no need to go outside to smoke if you have a strict landlord or life partner!

What Are Canna Capsules?

Capsule Basics

There are some simple methods available to you for making canna capsules at home if you would rather not purchase some professionally made capsules from Haute Health. If you happen to have a little more time and patience available to you – and let’s face it most of us definitely do these days – you might consider making your own! If you are stuck inside but don’t want to stink up the apartment or house over the winter and don’t want to add a lot of extra calories from eating lots of edibles into your diet then buying or making your own canna capsules could be the perfect solution to the quarantine or winter lockdown blues.

If you would like to make your own at home you won’t need a lot of supplies on hand to get started: just some vegetable oil, some empty capsules and the cannabis of course – the higher quality the better! That is unless you are trying to make a lower potency capsule to avoid going over your personal tolerance limit and greening out! But in the case of wanting the highest quality capsules possible it is always a good idea to use the best available ingredients.

Most widely available capsules including many of those available on the Canadian marketplace and the Haute Health online store are created using MCT coconut oil because cannabis is not water soluble and requires a fatty oil to bond with in order to be properly digested. If you would prefer to avoid the process of making your own canna capsules why not invest in some premade ones from Haute Health today?

If you’re feeling DIY and have some cannabis and want to make capsules with it then read on and learn how to make THC capsules that will work great and keep your cannabis dosing simple and discrete no matter what situation you find yourself in! Need to stock up so you can make your own caps? Check out our great daily deals or wholesale pricing options!

Capsule Basics

How To Make Canna Caps

The most efficient and effective canna caps recipe involves a MCT oil, some empty gel or vegetable based capsules, a supply of cannabis and to make things easier a tray for your capsules and a syringe to load them with the oil. With this relatively small shopping list you can turn your kitchen into your personal canna capsule factory! Simply follow this easy Haute Health canna caps recipe which is the very same we use when making our in house capsules available ready made in our online shop!

The first and most crucial ingredient to consider is of course the cannabis you plan to extract into oil and inject into the empty capsules. You can use just about any form of cannabis from raw flower, shatter, kief, hash or even a distillate. In fact if you start with pre-extracted cannabis oil you can skip the beginning of this canna caps recipe which is also the most complex portion!

If you are starting with kief, raw flower or leftover weed trimmings and plan to make an oil extraction first however then this next step is absolutely essential! You absolutely must remember to decarboxylate your cannabis! This is the most often skipped or missed step when people try to make cannabis edibles or capsules on their own and the end result is a product with almost no psychoactive potency whatsoever.

If you want to make capsules simply to enjoy the medicinal benefits of cannabis but want to avoid the buzz and experience of being high then skipping the decarboxylation process is actually a good thing! If you don’t decarb your weed before you make edibles or extractions you will end up with lots of THCA in your capsules or edibles which still has a wide range of benefits for the human body – it just won’t get you high!

If getting stoned is important to you and you just want to be able to fine tune your doses or dose discretely then make sure you don’t skip the decarboxylation step. There are special devices you can buy to decarb cannabis quickly and easily but these are not necessary for you to proceed. To properly decarb weed you should heat it gently in an oven at 220 degrees fahrenheit for about 45 minutes. This converts all of the THC content into a fat soluble form that is perfect for digestion in the human body and results in a much more powerful and full body psychoactive experience.

This is important to keep in mind when dosing with capsules or edibles as any canna caps recipe if followed properly should produce a highly potent and discrete pill. One downside of this method however is the slow and unpredictable onset time which can sometimes blindside even an experienced user. When taking your very first dose it is always a good idea to start slow and small and wait at least 2 – 4 hours before taking more.

The next step is to take your decarbed cannabis and turn it into an oil by infusing it with a MCT oil, MCT coconut oil is a very popular choice in both homemade and professional capsule and edible creating circles and we recommend it as well. Keep in mind you can skip both this step and the decarboxylation process entirely by just buying some capsules directly from a shop like Haute Health readymade for you or picking up some oil or distillate and simply using that!

Finally you will want to take your cannabis oil extraction and load it into your syringe so you can fill all of your empty gel or vegetable capsules. Once you have loaded up all of your caps and closed them shut you can tidy up the mess you are sure to have made and try out your first dose!

Make sure you have a clear schedule and are ready to spend some time indoors because you can’t be absolutely certain how hard it will hit until you try it!

If you’d like to make your own capsules at home we have some fantastic starting materials available to you! Shop our wide range of high quality cannabis suitable for all tastes and price ranges or skip the extra effort and get yourself some premade capsules or even some great THC Distillate or a Shatter Syringe – I recommend Gran Daddy Purple! – and load up some empty capsules! Or if edible candy is more your speed we have some delicious THC Fuzzy Peaches and some CBD gummy bears if you prefer your medication without psychoactive effects. Put in your order today!