How To Make Cannabis Tea – A Simple Weed Tea Recipie

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You may already be well aware of the fact that smoking cannabis is just one of several different ways you can use hemp derived products for medicinal and recreational use. Apart from simply smoking the flowers of the cannabis plant in a pipe, bong or in a joint or blunt you can also enjoy cannabis products that you apply topically, eat or ingest in capsule form or mixed into your favourite beverage. Making tea has long been a popular method for people interested in trying psychedelic mushrooms but did you know you can also make a simple and very powerful cannabis tea giving you a healthier and more soothing method of medicating or getting very high?

It’s true! Marijuana tea has in fact existed for centuries and has been used as a remedy in folk medicines for just as long. People all over the world well understood the healing and wholesome effects – as well as the fun you can have – by infusing your favourite hot steeped beverage with your favourite strain of cannabis!

How To Make Cannabis Tea - A Simple Weed Tea Recipie

Quarantine Coping for Non-Smokers

All over the world for much of this year many of us have been shuttered indoors for the most part unable to socialize with friends, family and strangers the way we have always been accustomed to doing. This has driven quite a dramatic change in lifestyle and focus for many people and with the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada more and more people are turning to cannabis products for a hangover free and mostly addiction free coping strategy to alleviate boredom, stress, anxiety and a whole host of other possible issues like insomnia, loss of appetite or depression.

But what about people seeking relief from these symptoms and struggles who are adverse to smoking? There are topicals, edibles and capsules available but if none of these products suit a particular person’s needs or comfort level with consuming the substance a soothing infused weed tea might just be the ticket! Marijuana tea also allows you to enjoy a smoke free high without the loads of sugar and fat found in most candy based edibles or additional additives that may be found in capsules or cannabis topicals.

If a relaxing cup of warm weed tea sounds like just what the doctor ordered, read on to find out how you can start enjoying the medical and recreational benefits of this wonderful substance which is already helping so many others through this difficult and unpredictable time.

Quarantine Coping for Non-Smokers

How To Make Cannabis Tea

If you happen to have some cannabutter, infused honey or a cannabis tincture in the pantry already then the hard part for you is already accomplished! You can simply add a small amount of any of these cannabis infused products to your usual cup of tea to make it a cannabis tea just as you would with a little bit of sugar and enjoy the effects of medicinal or recreational cannabis smoke free! You can also add any of these to your morning cup of joe too if that is more to your liking.

If you don’t have any of these cannabis infused products on hand then don’t despair. Making weed tea from scratch is still an essentially simple process which should be relatively easy for anyone already familiar with making themselves a cup of non cannabis tea!

All you will need to have on hand is about a gram of ground cannabis flowers, a tablespoon of unsalted butter or coconut oil and your favourite tea of course! It will take approximately twenty minutes to prepare your concoction so make sure you have the time to spare before you begin.

The most important step is of course to decarb your gram of cannabis before you attempt to steep it. SImply dropping your gram into a teabag and allowing it to steep won’t get you much more than some terrible tasting marijuana tea and a bag full of soggy weed unfortunately. Thankfully there is a simple method to accomplish this with tools available to everyone with access to a modern kitchen.

Gather your ingredients together and grab some cheesecloth or a fine strainer from the cupboard as well as a pot to boil water in and your teapot and any extras you might want to flavour your marijuana tea with such as sugar or honey. Fill your pot with four cups of water and set it to boil.

Once the water is boiling add your butter or coconut oil and allow it to completely dissolve. We do this because THC requires something fatty to bond with when it is under high heat. This will extract all the good THC from the soggy plant material that is left behind.

Once the butter or oil is completely melted into the boiling water you can add your gram of ground cannabis into the pot. Reduce the heat to simmer and allow it to simmer for fifteen minutes. If you are concerned with getting the fullest flavour and the most cannabis terpenes in your weed tea then you might want to consider letting the kettle simmer at very low heat for an extended period of time – upwards of 45 minutes or more – to be certain all the good stuff is extracted and none of it is broken down and destroyed by the heat.

When you are satisfied with your mixture it is time to strain out the soggy cannabis flowers. Place your strainer or cheesecloth (secure the cloth with a rubber band or string) over the mouth of your teapot and strain the liquid into it carefully. If you use a metal strainer make sure it is a very fine one so you can avoid drinking little leafy bits in your tea.

Now you can proceed to steep and flavour your favourite type of tea with the cannabis infused water and enjoy! You can even bottle and freeze some for later or pour some in an ice cube tray with popsicle sticks for a fun tea flavoured infused treat! Make sure you stir the mixture well after steeping before you pour some to be certain the infused THC is fully blended into the mixture.

How to Make Cannabis Tea

How To Make Weed Tea From Stems

If you’re wondering how to make marijuana tea when you are running low and all you have left is the stems and shake on your rolling tray then never fear! Haute Health is here for you too and we understand not everyone is always able to resupply as often as they might like to, especially in these unpredictable times we have all been facing.

Making some weed stem tea is a great option when you find yourself in this situation and you may even be surprised by how well it can work. In fact after trying a cannabis tea made from stems, shake or other leftovers from your last bag you might end up saving all of your stems and shake just for this purpose from now on! Weed stem tea is a great option for anyone looking to prolong and better enjoy all of the potential Health benefits of using cannabis!

You don’t need to grind your stems up before putting them into your boiling water but it can’t hurt to crush them up a little bit beforehand using a heavy object or a mortar and pestle if you happen to have one. Otherwise follow the same instructions as we outlined before simply substituting your stems and shake mixture for the gram of ground up flower.

Weed stem tea is a great stopgap option to help you make it from one resupply to the next without concern you might end up completely dry. Many long time cannabis users swear by the practice and some even grow to prefer the experience of drinking tea over all the other available methods available to them.

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