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“I smoke two blunts in the morning, I smoke two blunts at night, I smoke two blunts in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright, I smoke two blunts in the time of peace, I smoke two in the time of war, I smoke two blunts before I smoke two blunts, and then I smoke two more”. These lyrics from Afroman’s hit track Smoke 2 Blunts pretty much sums up everything you need to know about how great blunts are.

Rolling a perfect blunt has been an age old tradition among tokers and is of great cultural significance in the world of weed, though it may not be as common as the classic rolling paper joint, the tobacco leaf blunt rolling is still a global favourite. Unlike joints though, blunt rolling takes a bit more craft and creativity and a few extra steps. Blunt rolling is an art that comes with time and practice, from what type blunt wrap to use to how to roll a blunt with a cigar, there are a lot of unique ways to craft the perfect blunt. Here we’ll dive into how to roll the perfect blunt and everything you need to become a blunt rolling expert.

How to roll the Perfect Blunt

What is a Blunt?

What is a Blunt?

Before we jump into teaching you how to make a blunt, let’s take a quick look at what a blunt is. In the simplest form a blunt is weed rolled in cigar paper, some hollow out a cigar and pack it with weed, others cut open a cigarillo and repack it with weed and some use blunt rolling papers. One thing that should be mentioned and respected is that if you are rolling a blunt mixed with tobacco then it is not a true blunt, any cannabis connoisseur will tell you that.

When rolling a perfect blunt they are usually larger then joints and will always have a tobacco brown like colour on the outside, blunt wraps should never be white or printed. There are a variety of different blunt wrap options out there and everyone has their preference depending on size, flavour and smoke-ability. Some of the most commonly used blunt wraps are Swishers Sweets, Phillies and Backwoods which come pre-loaded with tobacco and are commonly cut open down the middle and replaced with weed. Rolling a traditional paper joint is relatively easy, but rolling a blunt takes a bit more craft and patience.

Advantages to Smoking a Blunt

Advantages to Smoking a Blunt

Blunts are the harsher and stronger cousin of the joint. Depending on the type of smoker you are, you either love the potency and strength of a blunt or you prefer the smooth and easy going effects of a joint. Whether you like them or not, you are here reading this article so we are going to assume you are ready to give them a try. Trust us, once you learn how to roll a perfect blunt you won’t look back. Here we’ve listed some of the advantages to smoking a blunt.

  • The high is stronger. Many who smoke blunts find the head high to be more intense and stronger then your classic hand-rolled paper joint. For those who roll real blunts there is usually quite a bit of weed packed inside which can increase the high but the added additional of the tobacco leaf and heighten the experience as well. Others who smoke blunts mixed with tobacco will obviously feel more of a head high due to the extra amount of tobacco being consumed.
  • Brands such as Swisher Sweets and Backwoods offers a wide variety of flavoured blunt wraps, this provides a nice zest to the ordinary flavour of just cannabis. This is why many search how to roll a swisher when wanting to learning to blunt roll.
  • Burn Slow. This comes down to the tobacco leaf wraps that are used for smoking blunts, they are designed to burn slower as they are designed for cigars, whereas rolling papers are technically made for cigarettes which are typically consumed as a faster rate.

What Accessories You Need To Roll A Blunt

What Accessories You Need To Roll A Blunt

Rolling a blunt requires a handful of items to get the process started. First you need your cannabis strain, we recommend a pungent strain, maybe even an indica. Try some of our amazing Indicia’s here at Haute, the best place to buy weed online in Canada. Blunts have a great head high with the extra tobacco leaf kick, pairing with an indica will certainty make your blunt more of a powerful experience. Second and obvious, you’ll need your grinder. You’ll also want to have your rolling tray on deck, not just for your weed but hollowing out a cigar can get messy and it’s helpful to have everyone in one area to avoid a mess. Last but not least you’ll need your blunt wrap, picking the right blunt paper comes down to personal preference.

There are two primary ways to produce blunt wraps. The most common way is purchasing a pre-rolled cigar or cigarillo, emptying it out of its tobacco and replacing it with cannabis. Common cigar and cigarillo brands are Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, Backwoods, White Owl and Phillies. The other option is blunt wraps which why a lot of people search how to roll a blunt with paper, blunt wraps are not filled with tobacco, similar to rolling papers but in blunt form.

Steps on How To Roll A Perfect Blunt

Steps on How To Roll A Perfect Blunt
Step 1 Grind Your Weed

First and foremost you want to be prepared, so like every other smoking experience you should begin by grinding up your weed. Having this on the side and ready to go will make the experience run smoother and allow you to move right into stuffing your blunt with tasty cannabis.

When grinding your weed it’s always best to use a grinder. A grinder gives you the most consistent grind allowing for a smooth and stable burn when lighting up. If you are without a grinder we have a great article on How To Grind Your Weed When You Don’t Have A Grinder that will help you find your best alternative to grinding up your weed.

Step 2 Choose your Blunt Wrap

It’s time to choose how you want to smoke that fresh busted up cannabis. As we’ve mentioned above, traditionally blunt smokers will empty a cigarillo such as a Swisher Sweet or Backwood, these comes in various flavours and are the most common blunt smoking method. Others however buy blunt papers that aren’t already packed with tobacco. If this is your first time we suggest experimenting with both until you find what works best for you.

Step 3 Breaking Down the Wrap

The best way to break down a wrap is to use razor blade, exacto knife or a very sharp knife. You start but cutting the cigarillio lengthwise straight down the middle as straight as you can. Moving from top to bottom this should open the blunt evenly without it falling apart. If you don’t have anything sharp to cut open the cigarillo you can use your hands, but be careful as there is a bigger risk you will tear it apart or crack it.

Once you’ve opened up the cigar or cigarillo carefully empty out all tobacco inside the wrap.

Step 4 Wet the Wrap

Most cigars or cigarillo wraps can be fairly dry, so it’s always a good idea to moisten your cut open wrap to make the tobacco leaf more pliable and easier to maneuver. Some lick the blunt wrap to dampen it while others use water. Whichever method you choose just make sure you don’t soak the wrap, this will lead to the wrap breaking down and rendering useless.

Step 5 Fill Up With Weed

Similar to the way you would pack a joint you want to hold the blunt wrap in one hand while stuffing it with your pre ground up weed. Most standard sized cigarillos you can pack upwards of 1-2 grams of weed to make sure you fill it enough. If you plan on sharing this blunt and have experience rolling, you can fit 3-4 grams in there no problem. Just make sure you don’t overfill, or the airflow will be limited and your blunt wont produce a good hit.

Step 6 Roll it up

Begin by rolling the blunt between your fingers to make sure the blunt is packed evenly. This back and forth motion will begin to turn your blunt into a cylinder and you start to see it transform into a thick blunt. Once you are happy with the shape of the blunt bring one edge up and over your weed, then tuck it underneath the opposite side of the wrap. This should lead you to having a wrap that has completely enclosed all your marijuana.

Step 7 Seal the Blunt

Again, similar to rolling a joint hold the edge of the wrap that is on top and use your tongue to dampen that area. After licking the inside of the wrap press down on top of the other edge of the wrap. This should stick both sides together and seal the blunt shut, make sure to tamper down the entirety of the blunt to make sure it is completely sealed up.

Step 8 Run a flame

Before you light up your gloriously packed blunt make sure to run a flame from your lighter along the seam. This is to ensure the seam is locked into place so the blunt doesn’t fall apart once you start to smoke it.

Step 9 Sit back and enjoy

The easiest step out of the whole process, take a lighter to the open end of your blunt and enjoy your perfectly crafted blunt roll.