Microdosing Weed: How to Microdose & Enjoy the Benefits

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There is almost no worse feeling for a regular or novice cannabis user than becoming too stoned to function or “greening out” as it is sometimes called. For some people even the smallest amount is enough to send them over the edge and so they avoid using cannabis at all costs. For others the tolerance limit will vary wildly from person to person but everyone has their limitation and finding out yours is a personal journey only you can undertake.

Whether you are a long term regular smoker or a casual newbie the concept of microdosing marijuana can be a potentially exciting one especially for those of us who smoke or use other cannabis products to help overcome personal struggles with anxiety, stress or insomnia. If you would love a natural aid to help you combat these personal issues but are wary of the intense and sometimes overwhelming feelings that being too stoned can result in then microdosing cannabis might just be the solution for you!

Microdosing Weed: How to Microdose & Enjoy the Benefits

Microdosing Marijuana

With more and more people working from home and telecommuting many people are discovering that regular and routine cannabis use fits well into their lifestyles and routines. However it’s not always a good idea to get completely loaded off of a big bong hit or smoke a joint or blunt right before you have an important zoom meeting or project deadline to worry about.

In these cases you might think it is best to just put away the grass completely and focus entirely on your tasks and duties but there are several great benefits cannabis can provide you with if you microdose weed instead of going hard on the bong first thing in the morning.

Microdosing weed can provide you with all of the subtle and important background effects that regular use of cannabis provides like relaxation, reduced anxiety and a better full nights rest. By microdosing cannabis you can enjoy all these benefits without the overpowering intoxication that so mahy of the highly potent strains available can produce in users. No matter your personal tolerance level there will be a small dose you can take that will provide you with these subtle but important benefits without having you staring off into space during that important video call.

Studies have even shown that microdosing weed generally produces more positive and enjoyable effects in users overall when compared to higher and more potent doses. This seems to suggest that for everyone there is both a happy and comfortable medium dose as well as an effective microdose weed level.

Microdosing Marijuana

How To Microdose Weed

Because the goal of microdosing cannabis is to reap the subtle background benefits of cannabis without becoming overwhelmingly stoned the best method for how to microdose weed will vary greatly from person to person. If you have a high tolerance from years of heavy and repeated use of smoking cannabis products and edibles then your microdose will be a bit larger than the dose necessary for a cannabis newbie,

The best method is experimentation and a little trial and error. Microdosing weed is a fun journey that a lot of us now find ourselves in a unique position to be able to explore and experiment with. Try using only a very small amount and keep in mind that the idea is only to enjoy the effects of cannabis that are not intoxicating. Much like smoking or using a CBD focused strain you will not be enjoying the intoxicating effects of cannabis but taking advantage of the relaxation, focus boosting or pain relief that microdosing marijuana can provide.

In order to reap the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without becoming stoned the best practice is to start with the smallest possible amount. A tiny pipe or one hitter could work well in this circumstance or you could try using low doses of edibles for a longer lasting and slower burning effect. Edibles are likely the easiest option for microdosing cannabis as you can eat very little of a low dose edible and be certain you are only getting a small amount of cannnabis.

It can be a bit trickier if you are smoking when you are trying microdosing weed as it can be very easy to overdo it using this method. If you are a regular smoker it can be hard to determine just how little will do the trick and if you are new to smoking even the smallest amount may be enough to send you spinning. We don’t recommend smoking for microdosing marijuana for this reason.

Vaping is a great option for those looking to microdose especially with new technologies emerging that can assist you in controlling your doses. Many new vapes come with the ability to program them using phone applications that can be downloaded on android or iphone devices. These tools allow you to fine tune the temperature of your device as well as set limits on the dose levels it will dispense in each hit or even lock down the unit entirely when issues of self control present themselves.

Tinctures and capsules are also great options as you can fine tune your dosage and be certain you are only getting exactly the tiny amount that you need to properly microdose weed.

How To Microdose Weed

Why Microdose?

Microdosing substances has been generating a lot of buzz in many different industry circles lately as more and more professionals report the benefits of using trace amounts of drugs like cannabis, psilocybin or LSD. By using therapeutic doses of these substances you can unlock extra focus, energy, creativity and a general uplift in mood and overall wellbeing both mentally and phsycially. And best of all you can do so without becoming impaired or overwhelmed by the intoxicating effects of the substance.

The key to any successful microdose no matter what substance you are trying it with is to always go slow and know or learn your limits. After all if you are trying to use cannabis or other substances during working hours you likely still have a job to do and can’t afford to stray off of task with an overindulgence in your intoxicant of choice. If you want to reap the benefits of cannabis without being too stoned to function through your full working day microdosing may be exactly the solution you need.

You can also use microdosing to help break old habits or wean yourself off of a dependency on a substance. Many studies have been done into the successes of people who use microdoses of substances to help them overcome a dependency on dangerous addictive substances like alcohol or harder drugs.

If improved focus, access to your creative side, pain relief, or a reduction in anxiety are important to you during your working day you may very well want to look into learning how to microdose. Start slow with the smallest possible dose you can manage. Edibles or tinctures will always make the task of microdosing much easier than smoking or vaping but there are good methods to smoke and vape as well.

Keep A Dosing Diary

Keep A Dosing Diary

One surefire method to keep tabs on your usage and avoid going over your tolerance limit into intoxication during an inappropriate time is to keep a dosing diary! It doesn’t need to be so complex as an actual book or notepad that you carry around – although if that appeals to you go nuts! Otherwise you can download one of many smoke tracking apps already available on both the itunes and google play app stores. A simple notepad app on your phone can also do the trick just fine.

Everytime you microdose you can keep track using your dosing diary and then be certain you always stay well within your tolerance limits and never go over. This can help you potentially avoid embarrassment in social situations like meetings or dropping the ball on a big project or due responsibility. Or you know just keep you on track during a long day when the potential to be tempted to just get stoned can sometimes become overwhelming.

Let’s face it as many of us have switched to working from home almost all of the time there has been a huge adjustment in our day to day routines. For many people who used to be stuck in the day to day office routine the possibility of a different style of living has emerged. With recreational cannabis now widely available coast to coast across Canada it is no wonder so many newcomers are discovering the benefits of cannabis products for themselves – whether they micro or macrodose it!

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