Must Have Accessories for Stoners

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Congratulations friend! You’ve decided to dive into the exciting and fun world of cannabis smoking, storage, grinding and other such accessories! There is a huge and seemingly endless amount of random seeming ephemera available in head shops and available from specialty online retailers and making sense of what items are helpful, which are simply novelty and which are absolutely essential can seem like a daunting task all on its own.

Let’s take a little trip together and take a look at the vast array of possible tools and toys you might want to invest in as a novice to the exciting and fun world of cannabis use. We’ll also cover what items and objects are absolutely essential to anyone who wants to get serious about developing a real cannabis hobby – and what better time is there to do so than now!

Must Have Accessories for Stoners

Stoner Accessories

So what are the must have marijuana accessories that every stoner should have in their toolkit no matter what their experience level? The one thing this stoner remembers from the Boy Scouts was the motto to “Always be prepared!” and that also applies here as the best practice when assembling your accessory kit is not to only include what you think you need right now but also to have on hand everything you might need for any possible future scenario.

If that sounds daunting don’t worry, we’re not talking about setting up and tearing down a full campsite here – just making sure you always have the absolute bare minimum of necessary equipment on hand so you are always ready to rock and roll one up.

The best weed accessories are also the most easily and commonly forgotten ones. Rolling papers are not mandatory but it is always good to have them on hand just in case. You might be surprised how much of a reliable reputation always having a fun variety of rolling paper options on hand will net you.

A full, functioning and preferably fun lighter should of course be included. It can’t hurt to have a few of these as well. I personally love Clipper lighters for their fun designs and for the fact that you can replace the flint and fuel. In my kit I always make sure i have a few full Clippers, some butane and a package of flints at all times!

Another important element to not overlook when you are assembling your weed accessory kit is the actual container itself! Sure you could grab an old shoebox or throw everything in a tupperware and leave it at that but why miss out on an opportunity to use something stylish, fun or interesting that sparks joy for you. You could use an old lunchbox with your favourite superheroes on the tin, a stylish designer box from a shopping excursion, a tin can of your favourite grandma cookies, or a wooden box you designed and assembled yourself in your woodshop!

Stoner Accessories

Marijuana Smoking Accessories

So we have covered some of the barebones basics that you absolutely must have on hand but what about stoner accessories that make your life as a smoker and cannabis user more easy, enjoyable and even fun?

One of the must have stoner essentials in any stoner toolkit would have to be a good high quality grinder. Sure you can cheap out and get yourself a simple plastic model or skip one altogether for the old fashioned scissors and a shot glass method but why miss out on a great opportunity to express some personal style, make your life easier and best of all start your own kief collection!

A high quality three chamber grinder is one of the best weed accessories you can possibly have on hand as it will not only make busting up your bud for smoking an absolute breeze but over time as you use it valuable and highly potent kief will accumulate in the kief catching chamber at the bottom of the grinder. See our recent blog article on the subject for some great ideas for how to use this magical and highly potent crystalized form of cannabis.

Not only does this make your life easier but you will also have a backup plan if you happen to run out of weed and find yourself unable to resupply for one reason or another say over a weekend or during an unexpected dry spell. Many stoners have had their entire day or weekend totally turned around by the discovery that they have a bounty of available kief to go through when they have run out of cannabis for the first time in a while.

Another option if you prefer to use a little less elbow grease when you grind your weed is to use an electric grinder and save yourself the effort. There are a few specially designed electric weed grinders available on the market but finding one with a kief catching option will be rare, however you will find you will accumulate quite a lot of the stuff regardless in the chamber of the grinding device.

You can also simply repurpose an old (or new is better!) coffee grinder and use it to grind your bud from now on. You might want to give any grinder that has been grinding coffee a deep and thorough cleaning to avoid smoking coffee flavoured bud whenever you use it (unless that sounds appealing to you). You may be best off just getting a new and unused one or one of the many specially cool stoner gadgets designed specially for the purpose of grinding your bud.

Another great item to have in your stash box would be some pre-rolled joint filters and maybe even an easy to use joint rolling machine. Nothing takes the pain out of rolling the perfect joint like having the right tools on hand to do the job quickly and easily,

If your stash box itself isn’t airtight you may also want to invest in a smaller container like a mason jar or a vacuum sealed container to actually store your weed in. A good old fashioned ziplock bag will always work too.

Marijuana Smoking Accessories

Cool Stoner Gadgets

A stylish and functional ashtray is also a must and a rolling tray makes for a worthwhile investment as well. Both are available in a wide array of sizes and cool styles. Many modern ashtrays you will find online and in head shops might come with some added bells and whistles but a nice big classic ashtray can also make a bold statement too. Just be sure to clean it regularly!

A nice large rolling tray with a cool design on it is usually an easy find wherever you can buy the coolest weed accessories and it can make the job or organizing your weed and marijuana accessories a much simpler one! Look into a nice metallic Raw rolling tray and if you really want to go all out you can get a stylish magnetic cover and even a magnetic bean bag pillow to rest it on!

The next three are a matter of personal preference and some cannabis users may never try or use any of these methods at all – and that’s perfectly ok! – but they would be missing out on all the complex and convenient variations of ways you can utilize cannabis products. By making sure you have one of each (at least!) of these devices in your home collection you can be sure you have all of the stoner essentials covered and will be able to use your medical or recreational cannabis conveniently in virtually any scenario.

The first of this sacred and holy trinity of gadgets is a small personal pipe. There are an infinite variety of these essential little marijuana smoking accessories available virtually anywhere smoking products or cannabis products are sold. Every true stoner should have a personal favourite and trusted small personal pipe. Whether it is made of hand blown glass, metal, wood, stone, heatsafe silicone, bone or pretty much anything else you can safely smoke out of there is guaranteed to be a style and type of small pipe that is perfect for you.

The next level up is of course to get yourself a bong. Although using one of these can seem like a challenge they can actually be a lot of fun and are an excellent way to get a lot of THC into your system in a very short period of time. For many veteran smokers a trusty bong becomes the defacto smoking method for both its convenience and powerful potency.

Don’t be put off by the giant, ornate and sometimes intimidating varieties of bong you may see available on display in most head shops. Chances are good if you look closer up on the top shelves (or simply ask a helpful attendant) you will find there are a wide variety of cool and stylish bongs in a wide range of styles. You can start small with a simple bubbler and work your way up to the more intimidating and specialized models.

FInally a cannabis vaporizer is the third of the must have stoner accessories on our list. Using cannabis in a vape hits a little differently and some people actually prefer it to the heavier and more sedate body effects that smoking or eating marijuana can provide. It is also a lot easier to use a cannabis vaporizer covertly and quickly when you need to medicate or recreate in a setting where it would otherwise not be possible! If you are into gadgets some of the coolest weed accessories you can find are vaporizers with new and innovative models being released with each passing year.

Cool Stoner Gadgets

The Complete Weed Accessory Kit

No kit – or stash box as they are also commonly called – would ever be complete without a few other simple marijauna accessories included as well which might not be obviously recognized as such. Most of these can be found at any local drug or convenience store and they always come in handy when I am smoking or preparing cannabis at home.

Eye drops and breath mints are always a good idea in case you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you shouldn’t appear red eyed with cannabis on your breath. A light cologne or perfume (very tightly and securely sealed, perhaps in a separate bag) is also not an awful idea. 

Toothpicks and q-tips are also good to have on hand for a variety of reasons. Toothpicks – or a safety pin, straight pin or straightened paperclip, etc – are a great tool for emptying stubborn and resin caked bowls into ashtrays, clearing the resin from a bowl or piece, or manipulating cannabis or a small glass screen all without getting your hands dirty.

Q-tips are handy for cleaning purposes. If you are going to invest in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or perhaps all three you will also want other cleaning supplies such as isopropyl alcohol or a specialized cleaning agent like Orange Chronic which is specially formulated for cleaning stubborn resin from pipes, bongs and other marijuana accessories.

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