Can You Overdose On Marijuana?

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If you just googled the phrase “can you overdose on weed?” or “marijuana overdose” and have found yourself here let me reassure you immediately: NO. You absolutely cannot overdose and die on cannabis products no matter how stoned you might feel right now. If you are feeling panicked and upset and uncertain about your well being then you’ve come to the right place. Never fear. It is going to be okay. You won’t die because you smoked too much or ate an edible that was a little too potent for you, we promise!

You might feel bad right now or even scared but there is nothing to fear and this feeling will pass. This is a right of passage for all cannabis users and happens to us all at least once in our lifetimes – likely many more times than once if we are prone to experimentation and overdoing it a little from time to time!

Think of the famous passage from Frank Herbert’s “DUNE”: 


Can You Overdose On Marijuana?

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Frank Herbert


Can Marijuana Kill You?

Absolutely not. There have been no pot overdoses. If you died from using marijuana you would be the first person in all of recorded history to do so. Quite simply cannabis products are not fatal or physically harmful – at least not in any grave or immediately serious way. There may be something to be said for the fact that smoking cannabis a lot may not be the healthiest option. But it is far from the only available way to consume cannabis and many people these days are turning to vaping, edibles, beverages, capsules, Cannabis topicals and other wonderful alternatives to smoke inhalation!

Nobody has ever taken enough THC into their system to experience a thc overdose or do themselves real physical harm. But plenty of folks do manage to “green out” now and then. Maybe you are experiencing this right now and you feel very frightened and concerned. I promise that you have nothing to worry about. I have been exactly where you are several times.

I once thought I was so close to complete physical collapse that I actually called an ambulance. That was an incredibly embarrassing and difficult to explain experience and the bill I received for wasting the time of first responders stung even more. Don’t make my mistake and panic and dial for help – unless of course you mean to call a friend or relative!

Calling someone you care about and trust is a great option when you feel upset and scared so don’t be shy about reaching out to someone important in your life if you have them; that’s what they are there for! Added bonus if they have some experience smoking or eating edibles and can help guide you through the experience with soothing calm and good vibes.

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Weed Overdose

What you are experiencing could certainly be referred to as a THC overdose however it is not fatal and never could be. It will also absolutely NOT last forever. I promise you are not stuck this way and you will be “normal” again. You didn’t cause yourself harm or break your mind – you just smoked or ate a little too much weed and you’re freaking out a little bit! That’s okay. You just have to remember that no matter how much it feels like you might be dying you will be fine. Even though it might seem like you may never be able to properly operate your mind and body.again I assure you that this feeling will subside and you will feel much better very soon.

If you are feeling this way after smoking too much cannabis then the good news is the effects shouldn’t last very long. An hour or two from now you will wonder what all the fuss was even about! If you ate an edible or two or more and now you are uncomfortable and upset just hold on buddy. Like Hunter Thompson said: Buy the ticket, take the ride. Sometimes that means spending the next 4-8 hours curled up near the toilet or huddled under a blanket watching comfort TV and eating junk food.

The best thing you can do for yourself if you think you are experiencing a marijuana overdose is to calm yourself down, stop thinking negative thoughts and upsetting yourself and focus on something simple and pleasant. Put on a fun and light tv show that doesn’t make you think much like Friends or a children’s cartoon show. Or if that’s too overwhelming try laying with your eyes closed listening to ambient or quiet music or some of your favourite relaxing tunes.

What absolutely doesn’t help you is panicking and googling things like “can you die from weed” or “can you overdose on marijuana”. I hope if doing so brought you here to this article today I could reassure you and help you settle down and enjoy the experience as best you can. I promise you that it will be something you will laugh about in short order.


Weed Overdose

Marijuana Overdose Survival Tips

If you’re “greening out” or experiencing a marijuana overdose there are a few practical things you can do that will help you to calm down and relieve you from some of the effects of the substance. Certain foods and spices are known to counteract the effects of THC and can help to even you out and bring you back down to earth.

If you have any fresh peppercorns in your kitchen cupboard go and grab your pepper grinder and grind some up and take a big sniff. Be mindful to not actually inhale any of the pepper when you do this but the scent of freshly ground pepper is known to help bring people out of the effects of a marijuana overdose experience. You can also chew a peppercorn if sniffing isn’t doing the trick!

Drink some cool and clean water. If you are feeling dehydrated on top of being paranoid and too stoned you will have a bad time. If you keep some water close at hand for the duration of your experience and enjoy it regularly you should feel better in no time!

If the weather is nice, get outside and go for a walk if you are able. Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need when we feel overwhelmed to get our bearings back. Usually the experience people refer to as a marijuana overdose is really just the inability to process so much stimuli and the many new sensations that using cannabis can provide. If getting outside sounds like the opposite of what you need then there is no shame in tucking into the couch for a good marathon movie or gaming session too.

Grab some of your favourite foods or order something in. Usually eating is a huge help because shortly after eating the effects of cannabis noticeably diminish. For this reason a lot of veteran stoners will tend to smoke after they eat so as to not suppress the high. You can use this effect to your advantage in the opposite direction however. Make today a cheat day and chow down on that pizza, candy bar or big bag of chips you’ve been daydreaming about.

Marijuana Overdose Survival Tips

It Will Be Ok

It’s going to be ok. It might not be a life threatening emergency but a marijuana overdose is a rite of passage that you should try to enjoy and learn from to the best of your ability. Doing so will ensure you maintain a healthy relationship with cannabis and don’t develop an unfair association to your current situation and using the drug in general.

Remember that this is not how you will feel every time you use cannabis and you will not feel this way forever. The feeling will subside very soon and you will absolutely feel better. I promise you with all my heart that you will not die.

Hopefully you are feeling better now. If not here is a picture of some kittens. Consider looking up a live webcam feed of some cute animals and just enjoy watching them for a while!

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