THC Distillate

What Is THC Distillate?

 The purest and most potent forms of cannabis can be found at, but do you know what kind of concentrate you're looking for? Try THC Distillate from Haute's wide variety of cannabis concentrates, and you'll be getting the purest extraction with all the terpenes, flavinoids and cannabinoids you desire. Buying THC Distillates online in Canada is the easiest way to get the potent products to suit your medical or recreational needs. THC Distillates can be isolated through a complicated set of procedures, but once you've extracted the cannabinoids as a distillate you can consume this most pristine form of THC in a variety of ways: smoking, vaping, dabbing or even edibles. 

How is THC Distillate made?

 Simply put, the goal is to extract THC from the cannabis plant in its highest potency possibe, with the least amount of impurities. First, the cannabinoids are separated from the plant via CO2 extraction or fractionation. Next, the fats and lipids and impurities need to be removed through "winterization" - a solvent is used to separate the cannabinoids from these impurities. Finally, the isolated cannabinoids are decarboxylated and put through a distillation chamber - sometimes involving steam or other separationg agents - until the desired cannabinoid like THC or CBD is distilled in its most purest form (sometimes as high as 99%).Buy THC Distillates online at for the most potent high and cleanest, purest form of THC you've ever experienced.