Shatter vs Wax: What’s The Difference?

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When you want a pure and potent concentrated form of marijuana you have a wealth of options to choose from. But what is the difference between wax and shatter and other forms of concentrated cannabis products? There is no limit to the variety of ways you can use cannabis these days from pre-rolls to edibles, Cannabis topical creams and capsules and marijuana concentrates are no exception to the rule of constant evolution and innovation!

One of the more recent advancements in cannabis culture is the introduction of cannabis wax to the marketplace. Weed wax is said to be the strongest and purest form of marijuana concentrate you can buy today but is it all just hype and smoke? Before you dive in to find out for yourself let’s take a look at the origins and psychoactive properties of this exciting new cannabis concentrate!

Shatter vs Wax: What's The Difference?

Wax Facts

What is the difference between wax and shatter and what is marijuana wax? Most weed wax is created in a process similar to but much more dangerous than the methods used to create hashish for thousands of years. By treating large amounts of cannabis flowers with highly flammable butane the psychoactive compounds of the marijuana plant are extracted and condensed into a solid, glassy or waxy substance, hence the name cannabis wax. Unlike hash oil vs wax however this process should not be tried at home under any circumstances and should only be done by a trained professional. If you’d like to try marijuana wax you are much better off buying some that has already been prepared for you by an expert!

These highly potent forms of cannabis are ideal for both recreational users with high tolerance limits who want to push at the boundaries of how high they can possibly be and patients using cannabis to manage chronic conditions like pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and a wide range of other mental health and physical ailments. By using shatter dab wax you can utilize the massively potent effects of a concentrated cannabis product while using a much smaller amount to gain the desired outcome. When ordinarily you might need to pack a second or third bong load or smoke a full joint or two in order to get your head into the right place or relieve a chronic ailment, with marijauna wax you can simply smoke a quick dab or two and move on to the next part of your day.

Wax Facts

Shatter vs Wax Potency

What is shatter wax? Shatter vs wax potency are very similar and are two separate forms of concentrated cannabis. Known as the heavy hitter of the cannabis world, Shatter has quickly become a household favourite among seasoned smokers. Its rise in popularity comes from the fact that shatter weed can contain up to 99% THC, making it a powerful sedative for those looking for a packed full punch of cannabis. Created through the process of combining weed plant materials and solvents, shatter weed is typically translucent ranging in colors from bright honey amber to a darker yellow that is similar to olive oil. Shatter Weeds’ ability to smoke in small doses and with relative ease have made it one of the most popular choices among weed smokers, with many trading in their weed pipes and bongs for a dab rig and vape pen.

Shatter weed was part of the big shift in cannabis consumption during the early 2000s, dabbing concentrates took the cannabis world by storm with it’s high potency options. However cannabis extracts are thought to have been around since the early 1900s, tracing back to the old practices of producing hash. Using those ideologies the first batch of shatter and budder was marketed by BudderKing, a manufacturer out of Canada. Released in the early 2000s it took a few years for consumers to nail down the smoking technique but once dab rigs and water bongs were introduced shatter emerged as an extremely popular option for smoking weed.

Shatter vs Wax Potency

Shatter Dabs vs Wax Dabs

All of these types of concentrates and slang terms for them can often be used interchangeably which can easily cause confusion especially for new smokers. Questions like “what is shatter wax?”, “dabs vs wax”, “hash oil vs wax?” and “what is the difference between wax and shatter?” are very common ones and sometimes the answers are not entirely clear.

If you are interested in using shatter to dab yourself but you don’t understand the first thing about it we will try to clarify the situation as best as we can for you here!

Shatter falls under the umbrella of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates like wax, honey, taffy, budder, sap and oil are all cannabis concentrates that are similar to shatter weed, each one is extremely high in THC but extracted in its own unique way.

In a board overview, the process of creating a concentrate consists of the cannabis plant being processed through a solvent either using butane or CO2. The plant material is either blasted or soaked in butane then heated at a high temperature to get rid of the solvent, this results in what is known as butane hash oil (BHO).

Shatter is a name used to describe a highly potent type of butane hash oil. When creating BHO, butane is used to separate the cannabinoids from the trichomes in dried flower making the cannabinoids extremely concentrated. Trichomes are the crystals you see on weed and what kief is made out of, which is commonly found in the crystal catcher at the bottom of your grinder. These crystals contain the highest amount of THC, terpenes and other cannabis concentrates found on the cannabis plant, majority of concentrates are created through harvesting trichomes from the cannabis plant. The process of creation for concentrates is similar in principle, with each form of concentrate having its own variation making it unique. When creating a concentrate the solvents pull the terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant material and then are evaporated to create the concentrated form.

Waxes and similar concentrates are processes using a whipping form, then stirred and shaken throughout various stages of the production. This process mixes up different molecules within the extract, creating a creamy and cloudy appearance in texture. Shatter however is a different process, it doesn’t get irritated during the creation process which makes it more of a translucent looking concentrate. The name shatter comes from what happens when you drop it, it shatters. Concentrates like budder are wax like or hash oil is very sticky but shatter is hard and brittle similar to hard candy.

Shatter Dabs vs Wax Dabs

How To Use Wax or Shatter

You may have heard the term “dab” before used to indicate a goofy looking dance move from hip hop music videos or the video game Fortnite but don’t get that silliness confused with the true meaning of dabbing! A dab rig, a small torch and a carb cap can go a long way in making your cannabis wax or shatter last and provide you with the most efficient delivery method for smoking high potency cannabis available on the marketplace today.

There are a wide range of different rigs available with different styles of bowls, nails, dab tools, carb caps and other accessories to familiarize yourself with but at the most basic level a dab rig consists of a bong or water pipe with a specialized bowl or nail style attachment instead of your traditional bowl for cannabis flowers. Whether you prefer the nail or bowl style of dab rig is typically a matter of personal preference but for starters we recommend a simple unit with a small glass or titanium nail. Take a small amount of your cannabis wax and place it on the head of your dab tool – in a pinch a long pin or unraveled paperclip could do the job – and set it aside.

Use a butane torch to carefully heat up the nail or bowl until it is red hot and then turn off the torch and set it aside in a safe place. Take your dab tool be it improvised or otherwise and after waiting a few moments for the nail to cool slightly from the red hot state press the cannabis wax onto the hot surface and draw on the mouthpiece of the bong. Once all of the material has been converted into smoke and the chamber of the bong is full, place your carb cap or nail sleeve over the nail or bowl and draw strongly to pull the smoke into your lungs. Be careful not to touch the hot nail or bowl after dabbing as you will be badly burnt.

This method is recommended for advanced users comfortable with handing a torch and able to remain vigilant around dangerously hot objects. If you have a low tolerance level and you smoke a highly potent form of concentrated cannabis you may find yourself momentarily unable to keep these safety measures in mind so please do proceed with caution if you are looking to try dabbing for your first time. It can be done safely but it is important that you understand it does involve the risk of severe burns or even explosion if a torch is improperly handled, stored or utilized.

How to Use Wax or Shatter

Understanding Concentrates

So what is the difference between hash oil vs wax or shatter dabs vs wax? What is shatter wax and is shatter vs wax potency something you should be concerned about when purchasing concentrates online?

The most immediate difference between these forms of cannabis concentrates is the consistency and appearance. Shatter is brittle and hard like hard candy and breaks apart easily thus earning its name. Wax is syrupy, smooth and nearly liquid form like a thick honey or oil but with more solid weight to it than you would get with a hash oil or tincture extract.

Shatter can be harder to use as it is brittle and breaks apart which can lead to chaotic mishaps for those who are not careful. Wax is malleable and much more easy to use as you can manipulate it with a simple dab tool with much more ease. However under certain conditions wax can become melted or sticky or lose its consistency. Furthermore wax will lose its potency much quicker than shatter so shatter concentrate is the better option if you want to keep your cannabis concentrate stored for a long period of time for later use.

Most of the time wax will be the better of the two options as it is potent, powerful and easy to use in a variety of enjoyable ways. But that said some people will always prefer the way shatter works over wax as with a little skill and understanding you can avoid many of the mishaps that using shatter can generate.

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How is shatter different from wax?
It’s all about appearance and consistency! Shatter is like hard candy and wax is more like a thick honey or waxy substance.
Does the colour of wax matter?
Less than you might expect! Typically cannabis concentrates are light amber or golden in colour but darker variations also exist and are just as potent or enjoyable.
Is shatter wax better than crumble?
This is a subjective matter that depends on your particular needs and preferences and the way you would most like to enjoy the product! Crumble might be easier to use and smoke but shatter will retain it’s potency for longer periods of time if it needs to be stored for later.
Can you turn wax into shatter?
You can do so simply by exposing it to high heat such as an open flame for a short period of time allowing it to melt but not vaporize and then resolve back into a solid.