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Rockstar Shatter – Indica Dominant Hybrid


(22 customer reviews)

Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing
May Relieve: Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress
Flavors: Herbal, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet
Aromas: Earthy, Pungent, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet

Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

Product Description

A cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, this Indica-dominant hybrid provides aromatic notes of both spice and grapes while not to be confused with BC RockStar or Rockstar OG. This earthy citrusy strain is a favourite with users who experience headaches, pain and sleeping disorders. This Indica comes through almost immediately with a full volume smoke. The earthy citrus flavors of Rockstar are mostly used to deliver pain and muscle spasm relief. It also provides a euphoric effect helping users deal with their anxiety, depression and stress. It can help users rest easy, helping deal with migraines and nausea. Helping to ease tension and loosening muscles, Rockstar Shatter is an Indica that does not strongly act as a sedative.

22 reviews for Rockstar Shatter - Indica Dominant Hybrid

  1. coop84.rc (verified owner)

    Smooth taste and nice high.

  2. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    This stuff is potent. Very good buzz

  3. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    Love this stuff. Perfect

  4. x.kristinarichard.x (verified owner)

    Tastes great

  5. x.kristinarichard.x (verified owner)

    Loved this shatter, very potent! First shatter I ordered and I’m so impressed with the quality that i ordered 4 other strains to test out.

  6. francis.106 (verified owner)

    incroyable le gout le prix.je commanderai encore!

  7. brandidziaduck (verified owner)

    Wow! Tastes great, great buzz! Looks like a combo of shatter and wax. Would definitely buy it again!!

  8. britbow (verified owner)

    Photo and product similarity: 10 /10
    In a Nector Collector: 7/10
    In a vape pen: 8/10
    Other comments: Super nice in a vape pen! In the nector collector the reclaim was even pretty light compared to others. Overall 10/10 product.

  9. Randy Lahey (verified owner)

    Great stuff, tasty & smooth

  10. junior.clement (verified owner)

    Attention ** Ce shatter vous transportera littéralement sur une scène de spectacle où vous serez la vedette. Chanter et danser sur le patio, seul, à 2AM…
    Goûtez à ce shatter et devenez une rockstar vous aussi 🙂

  11. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    Best 30$ Shatter, the taste is yummy and the effects are on par with the description!

  12. dylanshurlburt (verified owner)

    Excellent shatter!

  13. vanroonk (verified owner)

    Love this shatter!

  14. mckenna.cl.smith (verified owner)

    Amazing cooked into gummies!

  15. damian.german66 (verified owner)

    Great taste not harsh on the throat at all. I recommend only using at night cause it’s a sleepy high, and make sure you got food cause u stop eating when you fall asleep!! Lol

  16. damian.german66 (verified owner)

    Great taste amazing high, it’s a nice relaxing high. Great product wort every penny!!!!

  17. lsmithbc43 (verified owner)

    Really happy with this shatter. I use it to make edibles and its perfect anytime

  18. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Pretty strong stuff , one my best strains thanks! Handle this one is very easy ,good yellow color!

  19. rachelelizabethmarie (verified owner)

    This shatter has a fantastic taste as well as a buzz that definitely eases anxiety while making you want to sneak into the cupboards for munchies!

  20. vanessafranklin (verified owner)

    I love this shatter. It’s so terpy and full of citrus scent and flavour. Nice and hard hitting, too. Highly recommend!

  21. cornellmkelly (verified owner)

    I love this. So tasty and terpy and packs a punch.

  22. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Impressive one, look same as the picture ,quite snappy ,taste wonderfull!! Thanks!

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