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Gorilla Glue Shatter – Hybrid


(205 customer reviews)

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Sleepy

May Relieve: Pain, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Lake of Appetite

Flavours: Earthy, Pungent, Pine

Aromas: Earthy, Sour

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Parent Category: Cannabis Concentrates

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Product Description

This potent hybrid strain stays true to its name, delivering a heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling like you are glued to the couch. This strain has become a favorite for users look for a powerful and sedative high. With similar attributes to Chocolate Diesel, Gorilla Glue Shatter gives off a smell and taste that is reminiscent of coffee and mocha. Parent strain to Chem Sister and Sour Dubb it took first place in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup. Gorilla Glue provides a strong body buzz, uplifting, cerebral effects and best used the morning or days off. This strain will melt you into the couch with the possibility of laughing fits, and while you’re experiencing a complete mind and body high, all chronic pain will be washed away.  Those who have trouble with insomnia, depression, or anxiety rely heavily on this strain, as it’s known for being one of the hardest hitting highs that targets any medical symptoms

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205 reviews for Gorilla Glue Shatter - Hybrid

  1. evandempsey2787 (verified owner)

    little more sticky than i like but cant go wrong when it was a smoking deal got 4 grams and taste and hits great all day long smoke!

  2. teritlc35 (verified owner)

    Good shatter, great taste, nice buzz

  3. larissa.sanheim (verified owner)

    great stuff! repeat buy

  4. jafowler (verified owner)

    My favorite night time snack, little harsh and hits hard.

  5. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the Rockstar shatter which has the same picture as gorilla glue. I find the gorilla glue is harsher and the Rockstar seems to contain more THC and easier on your lungs.

  6. capriaclassic2 (verified owner)

    Nice high but a bit harsh on the throat

  7. simonlehot597 (verified owner)

    Tres bon produit !!

  8. Bobo (verified owner)

    Very nice, would order again.

  9. boardgame306 (verified owner)


  10. jilly.beaman (verified owner)

    Some of the best shatter to work with

  11. superusers420 (verified owner)

    2nd time getting this and consistent with the 1st time I got it. Great stuff from Haute Health!

  12. Unkhole (verified owner)

    A nice buzz…and a great deal .

  13. raebjornanders (verified owner)

    This is good stuff

  14. SkyKaiGirl (verified owner)

    Love this strain! Can’t wait till you have it in flower! Always one of my faves!

  15. missmary (verified owner)

    I have had guerilla glue flower before so trying it as a concentrate was a great experience. Really enjoyed the flavor. Normal i always find the flower harsh so having a smooth dab with such a nice kick is awesome. Definitely recommend!

  16. danielsondonnie (verified owner)

    blow your socks off

  17. 1ssj85 (verified owner)

    Smoked The second batch a couple weeks later still super tasty & very potent.

  18. 1ssj85 (verified owner)

    1 of my faves !Nice & tasty got me Stoned. I Split my batch into 2 enjoyed the 1st bach the usual Good gorilla glue stuff .

  19. formosatrevor (verified owner)

    Second time ordering this. And will again…

  20. Chillygrill420 (verified owner)

    Love the texture!

  21. mariahleona.xo (verified owner)

    Great consistency

  22. bryonlerat03 (verified owner)


  23. pfiddes (verified owner)

    nice clean smoke with a punch

  24. aelechko (verified owner)

    Smooth smoke and nice relaxing high

  25. coreydun129 (verified owner)

    This one gets ya baked like grandmas cookies

  26. Fb13 (verified owner)

    Nice smoke

  27. alexdryles (verified owner)

    Super thick goey dab, 10/10 smokes so nice

  28. JaySeuss (verified owner)


  29. timothynf8 (verified owner)

    Harsh but great shatter overall

  30. blackhorse802.tm (verified owner)

    This is one of my go to shatters. Great taste and buzz

  31. elizabeth.waterfield (verified owner)

    darker then expected. kinda sticky but to be expected as glue is in the name i guess lol. it tasted heavenly and smells pretty good too!!also this stuff is great ive always notice the darker ones to pack a punch

  32. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Hehe now “glued” to the couch

  33. sreimer8 (verified owner)

    Nice and for the price can’t be beat

  34. patrick5555 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste

  35. rusty_ballantyne (verified owner)

    glued to the couch

  36. espino_arvee (verified owner)

    Potent! Good for evening use for sure. Strong high. Strong flavor, quite sticky

  37. SauceNWock (verified owner)

    Really good, long lasting high

  38. adam_feltham (verified owner)

    One of my favourites so far, really hit hard and didn’t need much for
    A hit. Would buy again 100%

  39. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    The taste is even better this is definitely a product I’ll be buying again

  40. shanesaunders2 (verified owner)

    Doesn’t work in hair. But tastes amazing in dabs.

  41. kcaccamo85 (verified owner)

    Nice stuff

  42. dahrens1313 (verified owner)

    great gold colour and a strong hit love this stuff

  43. Shelly (verified owner)

    CANTWAIT !!!

  44. ashleydavidp (verified owner)

    Very nice Highland good taste,but heavy .nice price for this product.

  45. jeffgflynn (verified owner)

    Wicked stuff

  46. manu.chaurasia (verified owner)

    Simply amazing, darker color, but flavour and aroma are on point. 100% will buy again.
    This site is a real Gem.

  47. THCis4Me (verified owner)

    Pull n snap.
    Good n stony.
    Enjoying it right now ☺

  48. erickgiozzo (verified owner)

    This batch was sticky but the taste high nd smokin seal made up for it

  49. tragic101 (verified owner)

    Really tasty and potent!

  50. jf_moreau (verified owner)

    Toujour sa coche

  51. jeffgflynn (verified owner)

    love it

  52. jeffgflynn (verified owner)


  53. borisk_123 (verified owner)

    Gorilla glue Def one of my favorites great price

  54. benabysss69 (verified owner)

    bears its name, it sticks loll … good taste beautiful amber color … thank you

  55. chelseymcconnell (verified owner)

    The price is fantastic and The taste is even better this is definitely a product I’ll be buying again

  56. scloughcarroll (verified owner)

    Good for the price on the smoking deal!

  57. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Great taste good buzz!

  58. jellobaby (verified owner)

    delicious! i buy this every time it’s on sale

  59. ecs.1980 (verified owner)

    gl;ue me up!

  60. bdebney (verified owner)

    Really good! Should’ve been more careful right when it arrived. Ruined some cause it’s so sticky. Fridge it

  61. amanda32young (verified owner)

    Good buzz thanks

  62. erickgiozzo (verified owner)

    A bit sticky but does the trick on smoking deals

  63. erickgiozzo (verified owner)

    Nice taste and high, on the sticky side tho

  64. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    I always get this on smoking deals and it’s an incredible deal!

  65. c.89paul (verified owner)

    The best, dark in color but very clean…and shatter like too…not mushy or sugary:) very satisfied

  66. justinsoucie (verified owner)

    The gram I tried wasn’t shatter at all, super gummy but was really tasty.

  67. philipmerritt76 (verified owner)

    Will definitely order again

  68. tw3427640 (verified owner)


  69. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 4 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    I bought 4 grams so I left 4 Reviews…
    This is a definite re order, so smooth.
    Love it, thx Haute

  70. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 4 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    I suffer major spine pain – MRI end of December hoping they figure something out ot help me.
    I have to take 4 real good hits and my pain is no issue to me for a decent frame of time for the day!

  71. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 4 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    An Instant High, mellowing my brain… still with Concentration on my job!

  72. kozarndt (verified owner)

    I bought 4 grams as I had a taste from my friend 1st then signed up…
    Gorgeous golden color, I’m soo rich!

  73. tsmartin67 (verified owner)

    A powerful sedative! I love it!

  74. JamieJean420 (verified owner)

    enjoyed the appearance a lot more this batch.
    Also tasted good when dabbing.

  75. adskadjob (verified owner)

    Like on the picture, I prefer wait when it’s on sale. But after you smoked it you don’t care about the price🥶

  76. Fuzzylows (verified owner)

    Be careful in the daytime it’s easy to go overboard and need a nap! Was a bit sticky at the end but that’s not a big deal. Great stuff!

  77. davieputnam2019 (verified owner)

    Good for price

  78. 1ssj85 (verified owner)

    Legit!! Got me stoned will purchase again.

  79. shanesaunders2 (verified owner)

    As the Rolling Stones would say….SHATTER! So good!

  80. irishprincess1975 (verified owner)

    Will definitely order again

  81. malberts630 (verified owner)

    Good smoke

  82. purpy32 (verified owner)

    Nice taste!

  83. ellsworthnathan468 (verified owner)

    Very good shatter loved it

  84. superusers420 (verified owner)

    very smooth even with big hits. Very nice consistency, and loved the high!

  85. Smen50 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat this for the price on sale!

  86. mag1cjoker (verified owner)

    exellent produit buz tres fort

  87. mag1cjoker (verified owner)

    de la defonce total fumé sa en soirée lolll gout superbe et acrocher car le buz frape fort 😀

  88. mathieu.boisvert (verified owner)

    Good for the price

  89. joshstevens9817 (verified owner)


  90. ethanmarsh660 (verified owner)

    awsome shatter

  91. austin_s18 (verified owner)

    Very good taste.

  92. tyronesaul (verified owner)

    My go to strain when looking to get lots great deal

  93. ethanmarsh660 (verified owner)

    I got a oz very good shatter

  94. lycanartilier (verified owner)

    really yummy stuff couldn’t stop smoking it

  95. oickle74 (verified owner)

    Darker color than usual, but has amazing strain effects like the bud. Good dabs.

  96. eti.lang (verified owner)

    sais le top que j’ai pogné a date criss de bon teaste tu peux pas te tromper pi y fess. vive la cole de gorille ha!ha!

  97. eti.lang (verified owner)

    sur le meilleur teaste pi le mieux que j’ai acheté a date yé t’écoeurant s’te shatter là

  98. rosswinston03 (verified owner)

    Packs a good punch 🤛

  99. amorse18 (verified owner)

    Always my favourite strain.

  100. tracylevesque23 (verified owner)

    Really nice

  101. b_marty (verified owner)

    Best shatter I’ve had for the price, nice yellow color and crispy!

  102. gabe.arseneau (verified owner)

    Probably the best sativa shatter I’ve tried. Got it on sale for an insanely low price too.

  103. k.graw (verified owner)

    Can’t be beat when it’s on sale

  104. nick.collicutt (verified owner)

    Great taste and strenght

  105. nick.collicutt (verified owner)

    Great texture and strength

  106. ouellet20002000 (verified owner)

    Wow that batch was great incredible taste

  107. biancalaqua (verified owner)

    Bam! Yes great stuff

  108. blackhorse802.tm (verified owner)

    Never disappoints. Great taste and price

  109. drcronix (verified owner)

    Good product very smooth when smoke

  110. kim_ballard51 (verified owner)

    Nice flavor and decent buzz. Definitely worth the price especially when it’s on sale!

  111. cannabisheadquarters (verified owner)

    Smooth product, great high. Would recomend for sure.

  112. Dylan Lalonde (verified owner)

    Gotta love Gorilla Glue 🙂

  113. bakerp2017 (verified owner)

    Great Stuff breaks like glass nice taste

  114. ethanmarsh660 (verified owner)

    Very good shatter I got 28 grams super delicious and breaks like ice

  115. you8myshorts (verified owner)

    Works great in my vape. Will order again

  116. blackhorse802.tm (verified owner)

    I give it 5 stars as I love the GG strain. Great taste

  117. GanjaManja (verified owner)

    Sucked me to the couch

  118. blackhorse802.tm (verified owner)

    Great price and awesome product!

  119. candace.hills (verified owner)

    was a little Powdery last time but still great stuff

  120. SimRul (verified owner)

    Very good for the price!

  121. alecmacd5 (verified owner)

    hard hitting, dank, luved it

  122. chelseypaul911 (verified owner)

    good high and great taste.. little more like sugar waxy like looking ! but cant beat the price when on sale … still packs punch and decent high

  123. drakerage15 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains. Perfect combination or saliva and indica. Yummy!!

  124. shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner)

    Will get again

  125. kev8909 (verified owner)

    One of my Favorite !

  126. Simo (verified owner)


  127. burley710 (verified owner)

    Got lucky and grabbed a nice glob of this in the daily deal sale. Love finding higher grade shatter under 15$ a g. Can’t beat it.

  128. jackcandy (verified owner)

    Love this shatter. Purchased on sale, worth every penny

  129. lycanartilier (verified owner)

    good as always for gorillla glue!!

  130. Dr lemon (verified owner)

    Very good for the price would order again.

  131. the_uncivilized (verified owner)

    Strong and earthy AAA

  132. A Happy Customer (verified owner)

    I went through this stuff SO quickly, it has a great consistency and is absolutely delicious.

  133. guidry.gamer22 (verified owner)

    Not the best tasting I’ve has but definitely better then orge and cherry!

  134. kyle120212 (verified owner)

    Bit of an aftertaste I wasn’t a fan of at first but no issues after a couple dabs. An amazing strain if you can get it on sale!

  135. brettabernethy (verified owner)

    It tastes and smokes fine. The color is fine and for the price on sale it’s a steal.

  136. Island_Stoner642 (verified owner)

    Very nice! Great punch, with a nice smooth hit. I can’t wait to pick up some more of this!

  137. meatismurder-productions (verified owner)

    Very light color but does the trick.

  138. genailleluke10 (verified owner)

    Really nice strain like the texture aswell 🤙🏾👍🏾

  139. JamieJean420 (verified owner)

    Nice Shatter, stable, easy to handle. Nice hits. Why is it sold out as a smokin’ daily deal??? Oh man!

  140. kevindavik (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Nice to work with, relaxing!

  141. Stellastaxx (verified owner)

    tastes almost like pineapple and leaves you with a long relaxed but eurphoric buz. I recommend

  142. War73 (verified owner)

    Nice smooth flavor, good buzz. Will order again

  143. amorse18 (verified owner)

    Good high but the shatter seems to more sugary substance rather then shatter.

  144. raven-lady420 (verified owner)

    Loved it

  145. greenwarrior (verified owner)

    Not the highest you’re gonna get, but nice taste and smooth buzz to operate daily

  146. brandonmousseau (verified owner)

    Very nice high good color nice stuff

  147. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    I have take a 3.5 off that and i figure that it end up to my top 3 shatter ..i love all of the shatter you have here but hey: is this possible to work a little bit to get somes “caviar”and” sauce” and most of all a couple of your “live-resine” back in stock in some way because i really miss those . I only did get the chance to buy one live resin before a tornado pass and boom ….since all disapear and never get restock …im sure im not the only one to want these instead of more wreaking balls…

  148. danielle.hurley (verified owner)

    Good product for the price.

  149. ethanmarsh660 (verified owner)

    Super amazing clean good tasting shatter

  150. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Awesome taste great High Wicked for the price

  151. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Free like it it was very good would buy it again

  152. crystalmac43 (verified owner)

    Awesome for the price would buy it again

  153. punk0804 (verified owner)

    the color is very light. It has a very distinctive taste and it hits pretty hard.

  154. kevenmaltaiscaron (verified owner)

    awesome product

  155. janicel74 (verified owner)

    good shatter hard hitter

  156. sethTokes (verified owner)

    great tasting shatter, highly recommended

  157. jamesvh4 (verified owner)

    excellent shatter! It snapped like candy and was a crystal clear honey color! Would HIGHLY recommend this.

  158. iverson.t (verified owner)

    Very good stuff with a great buzz

  159. rachellarue2 (verified owner)

    This is so so good

  160. april_mchugh (verified owner)

    I have chronic pain and this works great to help it and help me sleep

  161. chuckychuckdoe (verified owner)

    Really good! Nice taste and blessed flavour. Nice texture!! And the high…: Potten!

  162. lsmithbc43 (verified owner)

    used to make daytime edibles. Quite good!

  163. leusink.10 (verified owner)

    love this stuff. have ordered a few times now

  164. shmeep (verified owner)

    Dark in appearance but a great flavour and super smooth dab. Will definitely be buying again

  165. BodhiDharmaGanjaBaba (verified owner)

    Think mine got melted a little in the mail but no fault of hautehealth, still looked golden and clear. Nice earthy smell and taste. Hits smooth unless you hit too much at once lol. Great for evening use, but not if you plan on going out, best suited for an evening of watching sports/movies/shows,

  166. pd2039ca (verified owner)

    Awesome product and a very nice price doesn’t taste as much as darker shatter does while providing a great high.

  167. z.ciccarelli (verified owner)

    Really nice flavour. Really nice

  168. yannickbeland81 (verified owner)

    Très bon travail

  169. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    One of the best ones to get in my opinion

  170. donna.westerberg2 (verified owner)

    Strong high but one of the harsher shadders I’ve tried

  171. larissa.sanheim (verified owner)

    love this one! definitely recommend trying

  172. pd2039ca (verified owner)

    You can’t ever go wrong with gorilla glue especially in shatter form!

  173. benmaclean19 (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff will get more awesome

  174. aleesaoleman (verified owner)

    One of our darkest shatters In the bunch we got still not that dark tho but it was alright actually taste pretty good

  175. francis.106 (verified owner)

    délicieux et le prix avec les rabais.rien a dire.

  176. francis.106 (verified owner)

    délicieux et le prix avec les rabais.rien a dire

  177. brendanpage1990 (verified owner)

    Amazing taste cant go wrong

  178. angie_i-love-music (verified owner)

    One of my favorites. A little dark but great high

  179. just2summon (verified owner)

    I order this and get golden goat. I don’t know why

  180. davdavmet (verified owner)

    5 stars for the gorilla as always!

  181. junior.clement (verified owner)

    Vape pen, dab, autour d’un joint, ou à la pipe, toutes les méthode essayées m’ont parues excellent pour goûter cet excellent produit. Thanks HH

  182. jennjenn_2006 (verified owner)

    The best shatter I’ve ever had In my life! That’s saying something because I smoke a lot of shatter!

  183. noah.osborne (verified owner)

    Bomb! Yummy! Stoned.
    3 words

  184. michaelinkpen1993 (verified owner)

    The best I find out of all of them. Will continue to bye

  185. m1ndl3z (verified owner)

    Good shatter but the not my favorite (mellow high)

  186. bepritchard04 (verified owner)

    GG is among my favorite strains of flower but unfortunately this shatter doesn’t live up to the name. Looks, smells, tastes and feels great but the high is so-so at best. Worth it if on for $15-20 otherwise buy another strain.

  187. frankrex1960 (verified owner)

    This is my all time favorite knockout bad day go to bed, 2 hits your in bed out cold see you in the morning. For me that is good considering i have TN. Not for work, but for after work bad bad and you need to unwind this will do it .

  188. vanessafranklin (verified owner)

    Tried this shatter again recently, and I’m just as impressed with it. Potent, smooth, and a fabulous price.

  189. mariannegenest (verified owner)

    Super beau ! Un des meilleurs du site jusqu’à date !

  190. brandidziaduck (verified owner)

    Wow!! I am so happy I bought this!! Gorilla Glue has always been one of my favorite buds but this shatter is in a world of its own!! I will buy this over and over. It tastes great, it’s smooth, the color is a beautiful clear amber, and you get an awesome buzz!! Definitely recommend this one!!

  191. Matthew (verified owner)

    This was so clean, glass like consistency and the taste was so nice. I recommend this shatter for sure.

  192. jafosky77 (verified owner)

    Great product, great customer service after purolator lost my package

  193. mckenna.cl.smith (verified owner)

    Perfect for my jello bombs!!

  194. lsmithbc43 (verified owner)

    Will def order again. Grest for making edibles!

  195. ianamyotte (verified owner)

    unbelievably smooth and tasty, defiantly buy again

  196. Stoney McBaked (verified owner)

    Darn good stuff man.

  197. erickprovencher (verified owner)

    Good product,even if i do think they mistake the other gorilla glue whit that one ,so mine look exacly like the other look and i did just finish a gram of this one so that’s why im pretty sure of what im talking about but any way did get a bunch more that expected so that’s fine ! Thanks!

  198. justinwhidden1 (verified owner)

    Best $30 choice on here, it looked just like the pictures

  199. Stoney McBaked (verified owner)

    I really liked this shatter and would order again for sure..

  200. kristykoeneman (verified owner)

    Great shatter! Tastes nice and works good.

  201. vanessafranklin (verified owner)

    This shatter is delicious and so effective. Smells of citrus, and the flavour and smoke is so full of citrus and smooth. A nice clean colour. I will definitely buy this again.

  202. keithwilk13 (verified owner)

    Gorilla has always been a favorite of mine. It hits hard 2 dabs and I’m good, smooth flavour and looking for munchies

  203. vanroonk (verified owner)

    colour is a bit dark, but tastes awesome and hits hard

  204. tripleas40 (verified owner)

    Dark brown appearance but great texture. Best shatter flavor I have taste. The Buzz is great 2 little dabs are enough to feel high for hours.

    Ordered again. And will order again and again.

    Thanks hautehealth!

  205. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    These dabs are a bit darker but still pack a punch.

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