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20mg THC Gummies – Grapes


(20 customer reviews)
  • These explosively flavoured fruity THC infused Grape edibles are refreshing with a sour twist
  • Easy for on-the-go consumption
  • 20 mg per candy

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Parent Category: Cannabis Edibles, THC & CBD Candy

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Product Description

These explosively flavoured fruity 20mg THC infused Grape edibles are refreshing with a sour twist.The Grape flavour overwhelms the cannabis flavour almost completely. Easy for on-the-go consumption and carefully dosed, these gummies are a safe and controlled way to consume THC.

Everyone is different when it comes to THC, what works for others may not work for you. Experiment responsibly. This product contains THC – the active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Do not drive or operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.

20 reviews for 20mg THC Gummies - Grapes

  1. tracysquire1971 (verified owner)

    Love the flavor

  2. theresa_mcdonald245 (verified owner)

    Yummy, one of these gummies before bed helps me sleep

  3. caya116 (verified owner)


  4. bondspaz (verified owner)

    Great flavour

  5. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  6. tinamariem13 (verified owner)

    Mmmm, so yummy!! For me they provided just the right amount of relaxation and calming.

  7. Rachel (verified owner)

    Love the taste and love giving them out to my friends.

  8. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    The best

  9. Jayme Wismer (verified owner)

    Awesome edie’s, thank you

  10. daris (verified owner)

    Love the taste, gives me a nice body buzz

  11. TKimbleyy (verified owner)

    Excellent Flavour Would Recommend 10/10

  12. borisk_123 (verified owner)

    The 20 MG grape ones I got this time were a little hard I’ve got them in 40 MG since and they came nice and soft but still over all enjoyed

  13. augieboucha (verified owner)

    Nice tasting good at Xmas break

  14. brittanymccarthy (verified owner)

    Love this flavor!

  15. kajjindal (verified owner)

    Unfortunately the edibles were not the best tasting for this one the thc in these were strong tasting, however the texture was just like real gummy candies and they did get me high!

  16. Yoko (verified owner)

    I really like these, will get again

  17. martell_lori (verified owner)

    I prefer edibles over smoking. These taste just like the candies do! Elevated my mood, and left me cheery and relaxed! Great for pain and anxiety!

  18. Dr Olikush (verified owner)

    Perfect gummies taste good

  19. cineater (verified owner)

    If grape’s not really your flavour it would be hard to ignore, but I ❤️ regular grape gummies so I really ❤️❤️❤️ the strong grape candy flavour of these THC gummies myself. Lovely, comfy buzz. Body aches gone; mood elevated. Not super productive (wasn’t planning on being so) but not completely useless either 😹 Didn’t think I’d get into enjoying the edibles as much as I have, but the samples hh sent with my orders quickly turned me on to them ‘cause they’re delicious and easy to deal with. I feel they’re very reliable in potency, so now I like to get a variety of dose levels for long lasting medicine appropriate for various levels of pain. Perfect combo with a cbd gummy 😋

  20. alicia.vail2010 (verified owner)

    Not the best tasting to me personally. I love the fuzzy peach ones and tried these. Unfortunately, they taste like grape cough syrup to me. I would not repurchase but if you like that flavor they might be perfect for you.

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