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20mg THC Gummies – Coke Bottles


(25 customer reviews)
  • A crisp and refreshing cola flavour
  • Easy for on-the-go consumption
  • 20 mg per candy

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Parent Category: Cannabis Edibles, THC & CBD Candy

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Product Description

Craving that crisp and refreshing, cola flavor? Don’t feel like cracking open a can of your favorite soda? We’ve put a twist on the classic cola bottle candies you grew up with as a kid. The classic Coke flavour overwhelms the cannabis flavour almost completely. Easy for on-the-go consumption and carefully dosed, these gummies are a safe and controlled way to consume THC.

Everyone is different when it comes to THC, what works for others may not work for you. Experiment responsibly. This product contains 20mg THC – the active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Do not drive or operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis. Keep away from children and pets.

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25 reviews for 20mg THC Gummies - Coke Bottles

  1. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Taste just like Cola , Loved them , worked great for my pain as well

  2. Shadelissnyt_TTV (verified owner)

    Mix these with a can of coke and it tastes awesome

  3. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    Bought many times over. Just great for a night out

  4. john-sm (verified owner)

    sooo good their edibles!

  5. ghrobar (verified owner)

    all i can say is YUMM!!

  6. tonyaguilfoyle (verified owner)

    These were worth just watching my almost 70 year old mom be completely wrecked after consuming! Haha

  7. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    Way better then Pepsi bottles, just sayin. Hehe

  8. guidry.gamer22 (verified owner)

    Literally as fresh as can be. And the taste is amazing. My only issue is the pricing for them. But the product itself is great!

  9. crystal.julie85 (verified owner)

    Amazing! Taste like a can of coke

  10. jillian.h.lawrence (verified owner)

    Nice tasting product. Not very much canna taste which is nice and they definitely serve the purpose

  11. joeybeth (verified owner)

    These were amazing and on sale when we got them. would 100% buy again

  12. cn3plusz (verified owner)

    Just like the candy store ones, great but never on daily deals which I would say is bummer. The effect is mild but good for a little bump.

  13. Yoko (verified owner)

    These ones are just right for me. Nice buzz without getting knocked right out

  14. lustistoxic (verified owner)

    Not Bad At All , Taste was good , high was amazing

  15. hairbysarahhelena (verified owner)

    Tastes just like the one from the candy store. Nice buzz, helps me sleep

  16. bjnorthup98 (verified owner)

    We’re very good tasting and the high was very nice too would definitely suggest them

  17. mmackenzie421 (verified owner)

    These are my fav. Right amount to still get stuff done. And tastes just like coke a cola!

  18. dave.martin2929 (verified owner)

    Tasted great and will be ordering again

  19. sweetyas7 (verified owner)

    Tasted a bit stale but the packaging was good and the effect was as expected 🙂

  20. hmark207 (verified owner)

    Love it’s really good

  21. mrrebay6 (verified owner)

    Bigger Cola Flavour than expected very nice balance of cola & green. Very Happy the Freebies made me order these. Will be sampling a lot of edibles.

  22. dmackay (verified owner)

    Top notch,just like everything else so far!

  23. Stoney McBaked (verified owner)

    Taste like coke a cola and works well 4 pain.

  24. oliking0777 (verified owner)

    Miam i will order again ;p

  25. justinwhidden1 (verified owner)

    Tasted like the real thing, nice

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