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30mg CBD Gummies – Coke Bottles Full Spectrum


(11 customer reviews)
  • A crisp and refreshing cola flavor
  • Easy for on-the-go consumption
  • Full Spectrum (3-5% THC)
  •  30 mg per candy
  •  120 mg per 4 pack
  •  180 mg per 6 pack

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Product Description

These Full Spectrum 30mg CBD Gummy Bears provide a crisp and refreshing, cola flavor, with all the health benefits CBD has to offer.  Don’t feel like cracking open a can of your favorite soda? We’ve put a twist on the classic cola bottle candies you grew up with as a kid. The classic Coke flavor overwhelms the cannabis flavor almost completely. Easy for on-the-go consumption and carefully dosed, these gummy bears are a safe and controlled way to consume CBD. Perfect for dealing with such ailments as pain, inflammation, insomnia and much more. 

11 reviews for 30mg CBD Gummies - Coke Bottles Full Spectrum

  1. daris (verified owner)

    I found they had a stronger weed flavour compared to some of the others here I’ve tried, but they still taste good and help alleviate my joint pain and anxiety.

  2. robbydeneer (verified owner)


  3. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    I like them

  4. tonyaguilfoyle (verified owner)

    Get them for my mom and her arthritis pain and inflammation. She swears by them every night before bed. Will continue to order monthly to assist with her pain management. It is hilarious to watch her after taking them though because they hit her hard!! Worth it just for the laughs if anything to watch my almost 70year old mom high off her butt hahaha

  5. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    Always good

  6. robbydeneer (verified owner)

    Ordered these but they sent gummy bears instead. Wrote this for the points.

  7. aj (verified owner)

    Powerful product with the right spectrum of THC and CBD to tweak my pain receptors. There isn’t a buzz, but I felt kind of a healthy charge alongside the pain relief. I agree with another reviewer that the taste is not good, but this is medicine and the medicine works, that’s is the crucial part. I experienced better than average pain relief with this product.

  8. tonyaguilfoyle (verified owner)

    Bought these for my mother and myself to share for our arthritis pain and inflammation.
    I found them okay and great for pain relief. They hit my almost 70 year old mom like a ton of bricks! Sneaky little things! She loves the pain relief, especially as her type of arthritis is hard to find suitable pain management and her flare-ups are brutal.
    She loves her gummies and I’m no longer allowed to share. She hoards them.
    Only thing we both said wasn’t the greatest aspect was the taste! Couldnt taste coke. It was like chewing up marijuana! I didnt mind so much but she gags everytime she has to take her dose! Lol

  9. jwamboldt94 (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Strong

  10. Golem (verified owner)

    Tastes good and does the work.

  11. Golem (verified owner)

    Real good

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