Kingsmen Crew Vape Pen – Sunset Sherbert


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When the sun sets on the day it’s time for a Kingsmen Crew Sunset Sherbet Vape Pen

1 ML of distillate



Product Description

Kingsmen Crew Vape pens are packed with 1 ml of distillate (1000 mg THC) providing a potent and stylish vape all in one. Each pen is crafted with premium distillate, crafted through a refined process and extracted from the best cannabis in Canada. In addition to their fine craftsmanship, Kingsmen Crew adds terpines back into their distillates which provides a balanced high and a enjoyable flavor.

The pens are discreet in nature allowing for you to take them anywhere you want without bringing attention to yourself. Once you are finished you simply dispose of the pen and grab a new one.

The Sunset Sherbet flavor tastes like a beautiful summers day, overlooking a beautiful sunset, unwinding from a hard days work.

1 review for Kingsmen Crew Vape Pen - Sunset Sherbert

  1. rpaquin97 (verified owner)

    Really tasty, doesn’t smell like weed at all.

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