Tips To Make Your Weed Last Longer

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If you are wondering about the best way to conserve weed and how to make your high last longer you have come to the right place! Trying to save weed can be a difficult task for some as it can be hard to resist the temptation of fun, relaxation and great vibes at all times but just like with candy, alcohol or any other pleasurable experience it is very possible to overindulge and end up feeling like we have experienced too much of a good thing.

For many people who use cannabis regularly a tight budget is also a big factor in deciding that it is time to restrain themselves and pump the breaks a little bit when it comes to their use of marijuana. What are some of the tried and true methods passed down through the ages from smoker to smoker about how to make your weed last longer and how to save weed when times are hard.

Tips To Make Your Weed Last Longer

Smoke Less, Less Often

This simplest method for how to make weed last longer is to just smoke less of it less often and exert a little more self control and willpower when it comes to tearing through your stash so quickly. When you have access to lots of readily available potent cannabis products but then suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to be conserving weed it can seem like a sudden and difficult challenge.

Luckily there are lots of great tips and tricks to help you stay on track and many people have struggled before you and learned things that you can apply to the problems you might face when you attempt to figure out how to conserve your weed. Don’t be surprised if a little (or a lot!) experimentation is required before you land on a method that works for you.

One of the best and most tried and true methods to start conserving weed is to get yourself a simple weekly pill organizer from a dollar store – the kind seniors or other people who use lots of medications might use to help keep their doses in order. Simply divide up your stash into daily portions making a clear and simple commitment to yourself to be faithful to your goal of only smoking each daily allowance and no more.

This is a very popular method and works wonders for many people who struggle with self control issues. It is much easier to keep yourself from smoking through your entire stash when you have it divided up in this way in a very clear and easy to understand manner. Furthermore it is easy to be absolutely certain there will be a little bud waiting for you each day which makes this a great option for anyone trying to stretch their stash between long paydays or when you find yourself unable to resupply.

Smoke Less, Less Often

Just Eat It

Another great tried and true method and possibly the best way to conserve weed that there is might be to stop smoking it altogether and start baking and cooking with it instead! Cannabis edibles can go a long way for people on a tight budget especially when the goal is to make the high last as long as possible. This is because when you smoke cannabis it comes on quickly but also fades rather fast and you end up smoking more to continue enjoying the sensations it provides.

When you make and enjoy some potent edibles using some high quality cannabis that has been properly decarboxylated beforehand you can make a small amount of cannabis go a long, long way. When cannabis is used in this manner it takes much, much longer to take effect but also the resulting intoxication last for a much longer duration and can be far more intense and even at times overwhelming.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to use your entire stash in one go to make a big tray of brownies or some cannabis infused butter or oil for use in cooking it can actually be a very economical solution. This is because even though you will be left without any weed to smoke (unless you were smart and saved some for your daily rationing pill container too!) you will instead have some highly potent brownies, butter or oil to make your food with instead!

Cannabis edibles can be much stronger and last much longer than cannabis which has been smoked so that means you can get higher for much longer on much less! In fact many people who use this method find using a little cannabis butter on their toast in the morning and then eating a cannabis infused meal at lunch and/or dinner is more than enough to be able to spend the vast majority of the day buzzing and feeling great.

Just be careful not to overdo it and be aware of your own tolerance limits. This may take a bit of trial and error in the early stages in order to get everything right and not end up locked into the couch or even feeling nauseous and unable to function. Once you know just how much your body and mind will require to give you a good buzz that will last you through the day you can plan meals and doses easily and start conserving weed!

 Just Eat It

Save Your Roaches & Stems

Another surefire way to save weed that can be great when used in tandem with a strict rationing schedule and/or making edibles! If you use all three of these methods together you might just have the best way to conserve weed and make your stash last as long as is absolutely possible. If you find yourself tearing through your baggies quickly because you hit the bong too often or only smoke blunts then maybe it is time to switch it up and try one or all of these techniques.

It may not smell great but if you have a little tin or lidded jar available keep it near your ashtray or wherever you do most of your joint smoking. This method of course assumes you enjoy smoking joints whether you buy pre-rolls or enjoy rolling them yourself. Whenever you are smoking a joint try to avoid smoking it right to the very end and stubbing out just a little nub and a filter into the ashtray. Instead finish smoking your joint much earlier and leave yourself a nice sized roach that you can pop into your tin or jar for later. Then when the day comes and you find yourself unable to resupply or in need of making your current stash last you will have the option of breaking up a roach or two to make yourself a yucky but effective emergency bowl.

You can also use a similar method when busting up your nugs and buds with a grinder for use in your bong, pipe or for rolling joints with. When you remove the buds from the stems instead of just tossing them away you can also keep the stems and other little non-smokable bits in the tin or jar you have put aside for them. Then when you are without cannabis for a bit or need to make your baggie last for a much longer time than usual you can make yourself some lovely cannabis tea using the stems – see our recent blog on the subject for a simple and fun recipe that works great!

 Save Your Roaches & Stems


When you are trying to save weed it also helps to have the right tools on your side. If you have been smoking bowls from a bong with a giant bowl on it and busting up your weed using a simple two piece grinder chances are pretty high that you are wasting quite a lot of cannabis or at the very least using a lot more than you really need to. If you consider changing up your methods and getting some more efficient tools you may discover that you don’t need to change much else about your smoking habits to start conserving weed.

A three piece grinder with a kief catcher is a great investment for any serious cannabis smoker which practically pays for itself the first time you run out and remember you have some crystal THC dust waiting for you at home in the bottom chamber. Having a decent sized grinder with a nice deep kief catcher means you will be able to collect large amounts of this precious resource which can also help your toking go a lot longer than it otherwise could.

In order to make your weed last longer once you have a bit of a kief collection built up in the device you can start to smoke much smaller bowls in a small pipe or bong and add a sprinkle of the kief crystal on top for an extra punch. This way you will still be able to get as high as you would like while using less of the nugs you are trying to make last through to your next chance to resupply.

A dugout and one hitter is also a great option both for conserving your cannabis and also for smoking small hits of weed with a little dusting of kief. Just load your dugout up with ground cannabis and when you press your “bat” or one hitter into the cannabis to fill it you can do the same to your kief and add a nice dusting of extra THC potency. Many people swear by this method as it is quick, convenient and easy to manage and you might be surprised how easy it is to make your bag last this way!

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