Why Use Cannabis?

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We all know the stereotypes, Cannabis makes you lazy, Cannabis makes you slow, Cannabis makes you eat all the food in your house…. Though certain Cannabis strains can make you feel relaxed and help increase appetite, marijuana is an extremely powerful plant with a wide variety of medical benefits. Cannabis contains two main components, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can help with pain relief and anti-nausea, and Cannabidiol (CBD) known for helping with anxiety and pain inflammation.

Cannabis can also be a great substitute to help cut out harmful substances such as alcohol, opiates, tobacco and sleeping pills. People who use marijuana on a regular basis tend to be less dependent on harmful substances due to the nature of the unique properties contained in cannabis.

Marijuana is known for its stimulant features that can make the most mundane activities enjoyable. It can help boost creativity by helping open your mind and think less two-dimensional. Get you in the zone while exercising, helping increase focus and push through the physical barriers.


Types of Cannabis?

Before you get started on your quest to find the perfect cannabis strain, whether online or at a local Cannabis retail store, consider some pre planning to make sure you get exactly what you need. Choosing between an Indica or Sativa makes a huge difference in the type of effects you will get out of the buds you choose to smoke. Each contains its own medicinal and recreational purposes.


Sativa’s are known for providing more of a head high, with a stimulating energetic feeling. Perfect for daytime use, the effects can help to feel more alert and uplifting making it a great option while trying to be productive. Sativa strains are commonly known to contain higher levels of THC.


Indica’s are ideal for nighttime use, commonly used for relaxing and as a sleeping aid due its sedation effects. People who use Indica take advantage of its relaxation element, commonly used to help with pain relief and anxiety. Indica strains are known for providing more of a full body high versus a direct head high.


THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis plants, THC causes the euphoric high associated with cannabis use. CBD is non-psychoactive compound of cannabis; it is known for its great physical benefits such as relief from pain without the psychedelic effects.

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Best ways to smoke cannabis


Vaporizers are the healthiest way to smoke marijuana flower, they have virtually no smell, while giving you the cleanest high available. While inhaling the pure vapor of the flower you are avoiding the carcinogens and tar debris that you inhale when smoking lets say a joint. Vape pens are the most common way to vaporize marijuana flowers, the temperature which helps preserve the active ingredients which is usually destroyed when using a lighter.


Pipes can vary in size and materials including glass, metal, wood, and clay, producing a different type of taste for each material. Most pipes will have a “crab hole” on the side which you cover up with your finger when lighting the herb, then release when inhaling. Pipes are extremely common with cannabis users as they are very easy to carry and use.


Bongs provide both a strong high and a quick acting high, a type of water pipe you insert the cannabis in a bowl then inhale the smoke through a water-filled chamber. Bongs do a good job of filtering tar and combusted substances, providing a cleaner and better tasting hit.


The most timeless way to smoke cannabis flower, joints are usually hand rolled using rolling papers, wrapping up the ground up dried cannabis flower. Known as a cannabis cigarette, joints are known to taste good and are widely accepted as a form of smoking within society.

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